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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Getting back to the basics.

It seems as though life these days is full of distractions, detours and delays, for Christians in particular. Though we start each day with the desire to do well and please God, every night we go to bed beaten down and discouraged by the course of the day. Occasionally a great day comes along and we rejoice, but in our hearts we seem to predict that it is temporary and that tomorrow will yield yet another course of challenges waiting to chew me up and spit me out. It isn't enough to just squeak by or live day by day holding on as you feel your grip weaken. There has got to be more to my life, things i must be missing. That is where a handy little daily devotional resource book can help. It gets us back to the basics of our relationship with the Lord and reminds us, as it is so titled, 5 traits of a Christ follower. Five Traits of a Christ Follower  -     By: Doug Nuenke, Jerry Bridges
The 5 traits are; walking with Jesus, Knowing and living the scriptures, participating in community, engaging with those who don't know Christ, and reproducing spiritual generations.
Each of these traits are discussed by individuals in a daily and very practical manner. Each devotion addresses a specific area within these 5 traits and offer advice, encouragement, and challenge. It is a reminder of what the Christian life is all about, our Relationship with God. All else falls in place when we are walking as we should and following our King. I must admit, when my friends at Tyndale House Publishers sent me a complimentary copy for my review I was expecting a book by Jerry Bridges. What I got was a devotional to address my wandering and worn life. I would recommend this book to Christians and non-Christians alike. To Christians who are new to the family or brothers and sisters who have been in the family for decades it is worth the time spent. For 5 minutes a day it is an investment that is sure to return much more than the small cost of the book.
Till next time

Want to learn how to draw the perfect freehand illustration?

I always envied my oldest sister growing up. She had all sorts of creative talent. She was on televised t.v. talent shows, played professionally for a dinner club, could draw beautifully and always seemed to have the talent to get the job done and then some. I could draw a little but nothing like the talent she had.
So when I heard about the "Freehand Figure Drawing for Illustrators" I wanted a copy to see if anyone can draw. I knew everyone has a little talent, but I wondered if the ability to draw could be taught.
I believe that my answer came when I received my copy from my friends at blogging for books, for an honest review. I knew as soon as I opened it that this book is the legit deal. 10 chapters in 198 pages of complete step by step instructions on drawing people and learning about the characteristics of skeletal and muscle movement for males and females. This book is very extensive as it teaches you standing figures, action figures as well as specifics for drawing each part of the body. I would recommend this book to anyone who desires to be able to draw more lifelike than they ever thought possible. I always thought people were the hardest thing to draw so I avoided it but now I can draw whatever I want and no more stick figures for me.Hope you get your copy soon, you'll definitely be glad you did. David Ross is the author.
Till next time.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Finding your way back to God.

It never ceases to amaze me at new and creative ways to look at the same scripture. I am not conveying scripture has different meanings depending on how you look at it but the way in which it is taught or expounded upon.
Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson, click here for more info on the authors, have done a good job of taking the parable of the prodigal son and exposing 5 "awakenings" from this text. They explore the awakening of longing, regret, need, love, and life directly from the parable. But what really impacts the participant is the real life stories of prodigals just like you and i who openly share their stories of rejection, abuse, and disrespect of God and life in general. They share as if we are in a chair a crossed the table from them. These real life stories are examples of the same heart behind the prodigal son and serve as a sort of reinforcement as we can relay with the comments of the speakers.
Dave and Jon do a good job of clarification and leave us with a challenge as we wrap up each session.
I received my copy from my friends at blogging for books for this honest review. I would recommend picking up a DVD, participants guide and leader guide for your small group now or for your own personal use.     Don't forget to ask for it by name,

Monday, September 14, 2015

My first Hands-on Bible

I have been waiting for a Bible that would be good for preschoolers and I just found one. It seems that usually the Bibles that are for younger kids abandon the scriptures and make for a nice little story book. Of course at the preschool age kids are not yet able to read on their own so pictures are of great importance. A picture is worth a thousand words, right?My First Hands-On Bible
I must admit a bit of skepticism when it comes to story book theology because we don't want our kids growing up thinking these are just Bible "stories". My first hands-on Bible does a decent job of balancing the accuracy with simplified terminology as you would expect from the New Living Translation. As I went through the well known stories of scripture and some lesser known I appreciated seeing the words of God coming through. They have also added hands on activities throughout the stories and a way to tie the story to Christ. Imagine the fun of reading about creation while your child covers their eyes in an attempt to imagine what formless and void would look like. Turning the lights off and on while discussing God's command, "Let their be light". The pages are full of fun ideas and colorful pictures. The artwork is well done and obviously animated unlike many of the comics and videos we see today where they look like real people. Make sure your children know these are real events in history and things to come.
The Bible itself is a soft cover well designed but still will wear out a bit quicker than a nice hardcover. It is much thinner than I expected at about 1" but is better for small hands that way.
This Bible may have an advantage over your adult Bible because of the pictures and activities that bring the Word of God to life for your preschooler. I am sure this is a Bible you will both enjoy.
I received a complimentary copy of My first hands-on Bible from my friends at Tyndale House Publishers.
Till next time

Monday, July 27, 2015

Meat, Glorius Meat

I am always looking for good resources rather in the realm of theology or .......or meat. I love the historical ways of working the ground, processing food and the old time tools that were used in the process. So when I saw this book I knew I would appreciate it. It's kind of like the bible of the meat realm. 
This book,  The River Cottage Curing and Smoking Handbook, by Steven Lamb, starts out with some basics like the history of curing and smoking as well as the basic science behind it. It then walks you through the process of both curing and smoking step by step. By the time you are done reading the first half of the book you will know the equipment, ingredients, and methods to cure or smoke your own meat at home. The last half of the book is filled with recipes for you to try. They are detailed including the technique you will use to cure the meat as well as how long it will take. I would recommend this  book to anyone, especially if they love cured and smoked meats. This book is extremely thorough and in depth for the beginner or advanced person. I will be using this book for a long time to come. I received my complimentary copy courtesy of my friends at blogging for books, but you can pick up a copy at your favorite book store or on-line.
Till next time

Sunday, July 26, 2015


I have been reading through the book A.D.:The Revolution that Changed the World, by Dr. David Jeremiah. It has taken me a while to read through this book because of a busy schedule but I appreciated how each chapter was self standing yet built upon each one before it. I appreciated the visual way Dr. Jeremiah wrote and brought the pages of alive. Each chapter addressed an aspect of how the early church grew and the persecution and trials that they faced. I enjoyed the narrative style of bringing real life events to us in a new and fresh way. Throughout the book you look into the lives of characters who's names we are familiar with and events we read about, yet it feels like you are almost there with them. I believe this would be a great book for the new convert who is looking for an overview of the growth of the church. I received my complimentary copy from Tyndale House Publishers for an honest review. I will be picking up a couple of copies to keep in my library as gifts for people as well. So pick up a copy and give it a read and let me know what you thought.
Till next time

Monday, July 6, 2015

America's eulogy.

I began writing this week as to what a eulogy for America might look like and this is what I came up with. I love our country and refuse to sit back and abide by illegal acts. For instance the supreme court can make all sorts of crazy rulings, and they have, but when they decide to write law I will not view this illegal act as lawful. They can go through the proper channels to have laws written by the legislative branch and they can keep on making bogus rulings that they do best. Same goes for the far reach of the executive branch. Maybe someone needs to require our public servants to read and sign off on what every 3rd and 4th grader already know, 3 branches of government, all with different responsibilities and all for the purpose of accountability. Hey Obama, don't forget who you serve!! And pass it along!! We the people are getting fed up and are beginning to grow wrestless with your agendas. Just saying.....

·        Eulogy of America
This weekend marks a sad time as we remember the life of the lady liberty. She was born in 1776 and stood as a pillar of hope, integrity, and freedom. Our lady could always be seen in her colors of red, white and blue. Songs and lyrics were written to express gratitude, joy and respect in honor of her. She lived a good life; a life filled with challenges and yet persevered throughout and became known as a world power. She looked out for the little people and wouldn’t stand down because of any threat, but would go out to meet it face on. She was brave and wise and well respected. People took notice when she had something to say and they paid her the respect knowing that she was good on her word. There were those who hated her and longed to see this day come. Resenting the strong morals based on Biblical principles there was never a shortage of accusers and taunters. The decline in her health took place slowly at first, but in the latter days escalated at unprecedented rates, slipping into a coma and never returning to her vibrant love of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We cannot be clear as to the exact time of death as she was heavily sedated by heavy taxation, deceit and corruption. In fact it is said she had lost so much weight that she was barely noticeable had it not been for the tattered stars and stripes by which she was best known. She is remembered for her integrity and strength, correcting wrongs, solving problems and helping others. She made the American dream the….American Dream. She was preceded in death by her Uncle Sam, sibling’s common sense, integrity, truth, moral conviction and leaves behind 100,000s of thousands of children who gave their lives defending her honor. There has been no date set for services as there is no next of kin and no one to take the initiative to conduct a service. Those that would like to no longer have the freedom to pay their respect.  Pastor Mark McClintick.

You may copy and use this eulogy with permission so long as credit is given. 

A sobering thought for us to consider as we watch the headlines and the worlds spiral.
At least this year we still celebrate our freedoms, or what is left of them.
Till next time

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Americas church and the complacency

There seems to be a revival of sorts by many well-known Christian leaders. A revival directed towards any and all leaders to boldly declare the truths of the Word of God without being a wimp. They are not advocating bullying or Bible beating, but simply to not be apologetic for what scripture teaches and to pass it along with the boldness of Paul or John.
This thrills my heart as I consider how far Americas churches are from the intent outlined in Acts chapter 2. People weren't arguing over coffees, roof color, paved parking lots or new pew Bibles. They were concerned with what they could do to admonish the body and bring non-believers to a saving understanding of the grace of God. They were less concerned with what they wore and more concerned with what they missed if they weren't able to make it to a gathering. The church of God was on the move and people needed to be on board, fasten their seat belts and hold on.
I don't believe for a minute that God is weary and no longer on the move but rather He is watching for willing hearts. Christians sold out for Him and willing to sacrifice an evening with their favorite drink and sit com for a chance to build the church.
As I have served in several states I confess that I have a great deal of concern. It started with my time as a youth pastor, seeing corrupt leaders in the church, the very thing we are called as shepherds to be on alert for and yet the opposition was against anyone who stood in their way. The sheep will always take the way of less resistance when you stand by idle. Another area I saw was a parenting issue. Professing Christians committed to a church, or at least appearing to be and then being extremely passive regarding their youths involvement in a youth group. I have witnessed first hand the youth culture, bouncing from group to group looking for the latest good time. Youth pastors that have a "shot of Jesus" as if to much Jesus would be fatal. Just the opposite! Parents that would ream youth leaders because little Jimmy or Sally are bored or as one well to do man i spoke with, wanted to shut down youth group and do an open gym because basketball was important to his son. Really?? Since when did the churches outreaches seek to please one self centered father, through becoming a rec center or show, instead of God centered ministry? It has gotten out of hand and we even see it in our adults. Consumers, not contributors, givers, doers and go getter's. I believe it gets back to the push for Biblical training not just for our leaders but for every Christ follower. Discipleship to model and train up new leaders. Preaching and teaching the Bible for "a change". That of course is an intentional two-fold meaning. Teaching for a change instead of making it fellowship and game time, and the other meaning is a direct reference why most God honoring teachers preach and teach. They desire to see the listener prompted to growth and motivated to action. Something most every pastor would tell you is severely lacking in our churches. I believe it is time to join these leaders and encourage your pastors and teachers to preach the truth. Enough with the extras, give us the Word of God!!
Just a thought for the week.
Maybe you could take a moment and send me a note of what your pastor is doing well and why.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Fathers day

Hard to believe we are approaching the 1/2 year gone mark and as usually occurs about this time fathers day. A time we acknowledge the men in our lives that we can blame for how we turned out. Of course now a days it seems as though we ought to petition hallmark to get rid of fathers day as an infringement on the American family. After all who are they to force their view of a traditional family? Of course I am being sarcastic and I completely back the traditional family. I am merely expressing how far some are going to discredit the role of Fathers. There is a ton of evidence as to the importance of the father to be in the home and married to the mother of their children. Regardless of what the liberal media seems to think this is an assault on our homes and our children.
Amazing how even some professing Christians can go along with these views when scripture is so clear on the roles and necessities of having a father in the home. God Himself ordained marriage and instructed Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply. This was a pure and right statement by God that has been vastly perverted and misrepresented by the liberals and atheists. In no way is a father to be replaced by another mother or after the pregnancy a mother to raise the child by herself.  Of course the modern day, "man", certainly hasn't done anything to help fix this problem. Between supporting the pornography industry, bailing on their responsibilities, treating women as objects or possessions instead of like women they were created to be, I am not sure current generations understand what it should even look like.
Here is a mental picture for you. Men were created stronger, more aggressive, and protective than our counterparts. Men are wired to care and protect the woman and children in his life even to the point of death. Men are defined by their careers many times and take great reward in a job done right and done well. They are hard workers and desire to be all that his family expects him to be. A man opens the door for his woman not only as an act of chivalry but as if to tell the world, this is precious cargo and she is now safely in her carriage or entered safely to her destination. A man questions the intent of a young man calling on his daughter and if their is any doubt as to the boys integrity and spiritual condition tells the young man he is not welcome to date his daughter. A man takes his son aside and teaches him what it means to be a man based on Biblical perspectives. He explains the proper way to treat a woman and how to handle conflict not to mention the importance of leading them spiritually. A man is so much more than the culture has made it out to be. Men are necessary and my prayer is this fathers day, God will burden the hearts of all men to step it up and quite being lazy, privileged, pampered pansies and man up to lead their families and honor God. It is hard wired in them so it is a matter of getting power to the right circuit and getting started.
Happy fathers day.
Till next time, father up

Thursday, June 11, 2015

rear view mirrors are always smaller than the windshield

The older I get the more time I spend thinking about the past. It's not like I'm infatuated with it or have a long list of regrets, after all, that is what has made me who I am today. Its more along the lines of what it........
What if I pursued a different career, or if we had more kids, or pursued an education at a different school. What would have really made a difference today and what would have made absolutely no difference. I suppose the thought that I am closer to my end than my beginning leaves me with a certain.... what could I have done better or changed or actually followed through on. As relatives age and you begin to realize that if they are that feeble and frail and they were old when I was young, what does that mean I look like to them? I can just hear the conversation after leaving their home, "my goodness hes gotten old, did you see all the white in his beard?" "Yes, and the lines in his face look like hes been wandering in the desert for 40 years." The funny thing is when we get together with people we haven't seen in a while we always rate their aging factor. We always take notice of how well they have aged or in some cases how poorly. In order to do that we have to take a look under what parameters we knew them from the past. We don't meet new people and instantly think how much older they appear than before, because we have no before to compare it to.
I recall when I was younger some of the stupid things I did and some of the good things I had done. I also think of the circumstances leading up to hearing the gospel and responding. Honestly one of the main things I look back, in the rear view, at is to wonder if I am really all that different now than I was then. That day is a day that sticks in mind, or a time period that does as my Spirit wrestled with my flesh. My pastor lived next door and that made me twice as anxious. I recall thinking that the world is an open book and that God can use me however He desires. Looking back I am not sure I was wise enough to understand what all that could mean. Dragging my family through multiple states, working long hours, being on call 24/7, being so far away from family that we hardly ever saw parents or other relatives. And yet in the quiet of my personal time recently, the flooding thought, "the windshield is always larger than the rear view mirror." By that I mean that regardless of what your history has been, regardless of where you have been, or who you were, there is a wide open road in front of you. You are who you have become because of the parenting, the influences and teachings you have had and the experiences. God has brought you to a place that sets you up to begin your journey looking forward. Don't panic you can still look in the rear view mirrors but your focus has got to be bigger and grander, towards the future yet to be discovered. A roller coaster ride of thrills and chills. Surprises and yet strangely very predictable.
As you read this, make it a priority to start using the windshield to discover many things that will be added to your history. At some point, Gods Son will come and gather us and those who have "fallen asleep" before us will be awakened and we will give account of our days. I would suppose we will look at the countless hours we've wasted or missed opportunities we let go by and feel remorse as never before. Yet we have an opportunity in what little time is left to make the most of it for Christ's sake. Don't spend your days looking back in sorrow for your youth, or full head of hair, best friend outings or anything else, look forward and see the splendor unfold before your very eyes. 
Till next time, keep looking forward.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Things are heating up.

As a pastor many times people are amazed at just how average I am. They developed, at some point, a perspective that pastors are always serious, they don't do things that are "questionable" and most certainly they don't go to movies, ride motorcycles or shoot guns. Its amazing that so many pastors have been pigeon-holed into a stereotypical mold of what has been perceived as normal. I am glad to say that I, my friends, am not one of them. I enjoy target shooting, hiking, riding my motorcycle guitars, drums, martial arts and movies, usually with a big tub of popcorn. Extra buttery!!
But I have come to realize that we are not the only ones who have been stereotyped because of a few passive, conformists that try to be what they are not. We see it all around us and this past week I received a video release from an organization that I am a member of. The groups president claims to be a Christian although the organization is not a Christian only type of group. The group is however made up of Americans who still believe in the American dream and that, I suppose is why this video presentation took me by surprise. As a professing Christian I take threats to my faith very seriously and will defend the faith at all costs. How does this relate to the video? The video is of a man explaining the lengths he will go to when it comes to defending his family as well as his faith. I can respect defending your faith but when your faith tells you to kill people of my faith we have a problem. Specifically when their faith is one that threatens the future of the United States. Just as pastors have been pigeon holed in a wrong way so have Muslims. As a pastor I understand the importance of orthodoxy and obedience to the written Word. I run into people who call themselves Christians all the time and there is absolutely no evidence of their faith or a willingness to be obedient to the word of God. Although it is not politically correct, no evidence or striving, no Christian. Likewise we face a threat that many perceive to be a small pocket of radicals, we get that in Christianity as well. But the truth is any person claiming to be Muslim adheres to the book they believe to be holy, the Qua ran. The claim they are peaceful is of ignorance as their self proclaimed holy book clearly states what must happen to all who will not believe as they do. They take the role of God into their own hands, executing all who oppose them, IE Christians. Whereas Christians leave the future of individuals to God almighty.  You might say I take issue with the merciless murder of my brethren.
It adds insult to injury when i listen to the day of prayer comments Mr. Obama makes to a silent room. He best leave the historical facts of the crusades to the experts and get back to what he does best, running up debt., cutting defense and creating uncertainty as to the future of a once great nation. (Still great, just need people to say enough already). As I recall the Christians took a stance to face a threat, a religious threat, Muslim to be precise. Lets not try to rewrite history but learn from it!!
America it is high time to get back to our Christian roots! Our country was once a favored destination of all the nations. People of other nations desired and envied us of the "American dream". We have seen that dream get further and further away. If you are content with leaving this kind of legacy to the future generations then by all means continue as you have, passive and complacent. Please continue to lift up our brothers and sisters who face daily persecution at the hands of religious bullies who are really wimps hiding behind scarfs.
As for me and my household, we choose Christ!!
till next time.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Rise of the Fallen just finished book two of a trilogy by Chuck Black. If you have read book one, book two is a must read. Book two is the fictional account of the constant battle between the realms of Angels and demons and the battle among humans and the effect on both. Validus is the last angel created and you follow him through the centuries past and flash between then and present day. At least from the angels perspective you can see the plan of the Father throughout all of time. There are twists and turns at every corner and you won't believe how important Drew Carter is to the story. But I don't want to spoil the suspense so why not pick up a copy? My friends at blogging for books sent me a copy free of charge for an honest review and it was well worth the read. The author Chuck Black has a great writing style that put you square in the mix of things. The battles that rage on and the pain the characters feel as an angel falls or the demons possess an individual are almost like your there. This book even though it is fictional really gets you thinking about the war raging beyond our senses and who knows, maybe they are battling for your decisions. I can't wait to read the third book when it comes out. If you'd like to check it out click here for more info.
till next time

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Here we go

Lately it seems life is flying by so fast I can hardly keep up. It made me think of my child hood and the days that would just drag on and on, seemingly never ending. I could do all sorts of things and accomplish so much and now as soon as I start something it takes me forever to finish something. I'll be lucky to finish this blog today!
So what's changed? I have to think that either I am slowing way down, becoming less proficient, or am less organized than I was as a 6 year old. That could be but as I stop and think about it as I grew up my interests expanded and my responsibilities increased. You know, "that old chestnut". As my life changed so did my priorities. Friends are important but not as important as my wife, and all of a sudden I became a father and then my job began expecting more and boom, there it is. The things that I enjoyed as a kid got pushed aside and before I knew it I was up to my neck in things I had to do.
My dad would tell me, when I complained he was never around, that someday you'll understand and see why he was always working. That of course was before I found out he was at the club, or bowling, or business fishing trip etc. Don't get me wrong, I love my dad and he had a great work ethic, but I left the house vowing I would not do that to my kids.
Since those days much has changed, not only am I a father I am a husband, a brother, a son, a friend, and the most dramatic change, a Christ follower. I reflect on how quickly things have gone and how much has changed and only recently have discovered that although my interests are many, my time is limited. I desire to do so many things and yet struggle to just get my daily requirements done. Is my life to full? In short, yes. I have allowed the world to tell me what is important and how to spend my time, and yet technology should, if used appropriately give me an increased effectiveness on getting my work completed.
When was the last time you did something you really enjoyed? I mean something you really haven't done since you were a kid. Something that used to bring you great enjoyment. Why not take a break from all the pressures and choose to do something that brings you joy? As a Christian and as a pastor I spend alot of time in the Bible and a lot of time reading, most of the time for work. There are times it can feel less than enjoyable, so I am trying my own advice and reading for the enjoyment of it. Not for the purpose of lecturing or taking notes, but plain and simply to remember the awesome events that shaped our world and the amazing events that seem so far fetched that many discredit its authenticity. How grand it is to grab a cup of coffee, read my Bible and be encouraged and filled with the presence of God in His grandness. How about you? Do yo read for pleasure, or do you read at all? Don't grow weary, and be weighted down by the problems we face here and now. You have but one life to live, and to serve a mighty King, and that is where the joy comes from. Why not rekindle that love and joy now?
Till next time
I will also be getting my new blog going as well called life solutions, it will be a blog on everyday helps and hints to help us save time, do projects right and in the end save time and money. Be sure and ck it out in the upcoming weeks. We'll go live next week we hope.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

missions week is coming up.

How timely it is that we will be observing missions month in March in light of the headlines. Everybody has an opinion regarding ISIS and I suppose I do too. I think the thing that has really sent me spiraling hasn't been so much what they are doing as WHAT WE ARE NOT DOING. Does that make sense? You see Christians have been persecuted as long as we can tell yet we have tried to live our witness to an unbelieving and increasingly hostile world. Christians have been called weak, judgemental, and hypocritical and all because we know what we believe and why. Although some of us realize it can be impacted by "how" we present what we believe as well. I read in Scripture the Acts of the Apostles and the evangelistic efforts, and clearly see challenges regardless of location and how presented. The gospel can be flat out offensive and seem extremely judgemental. Note I said "seem", because to the hearer it is offensive but lets face it if someone told you there was a booger in your nose it wouldn't matter if it was offensive or not, you would remove the booger. The goal of the gospel is of a pure motive to see those who are destined to a place that Scripture describes as horrific, a literal hell, and provide truth and evidence of a logical faith. I understand that some have made the gospel offensive with thier approach, words and legalistic views of what Christianity is. Every religion has those who reflect poorly on thier religion. My prayer is that Christians will consider how they present the message of the gospel and just as important how the persons words match up with thier actions. Being consistent is vital. People are watching and when they see one Christ follower mess up it makes it harder on the rest of us when we talk to them.
Now that all being said here is what really grates my cheese. ISIS is making headlines world wide, not for trying to share about their beliefs or convince us that their god is good and just, but solely on the basis of killing Christians. As a Christian man I take offense at their actions and firmly believe it is time to step it up and put a stop to this. Oops is this politically incorrect, or am I walking a dangerous line of offending a president and getting visitors knocking on my door? I find it amazing a country founded on Christian principles is full of self professing Christians that are unwilling to stand up for their cause. These terrorists that threaten the safety of Christians worshipping God use methods of intimidation, and are now flooding into America thanks to Mr. "O". Enough is enough! I love my country but first and foremost I love my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Are you prepared for the upcoming epic battle? It's on our doorstep and you're losing your ammunition, freedoms, guns generations, and mobility thanks to those who are sympathetic to terrorists. Remember your constitutional rights and claim them while you still can. And if you happen to know any radicals be sure and forward my blog for them, because this is one Christ follower who won't be tucking tale and running, but am prepared and ready to stand in opposition of this growing threat. Where do you stand?
Putting first things first

Gardening time

O.K. so it snowed last night and now I'm talking about gardening. Although this is not my usual type of blog I couldn't help but share with you a book i just reviewed. The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden by Karen Newcomb is not only practical for utilizing your gardening space but exceptionally well put together. By far this is the most comprehensive, and informative book on gardening I have ever read. I received this book from the folks at blogging for books for free for an honest review.
I received the book and began fanning through it getting an overview of what i might be able to expect. To my surprise the pictures and explanations are fantastic. Not to give away any insider secrets but the Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden shows plots of ground with suggestions on where and how to plant what types of plants to best utilize the space. Not only does the book show you location of each plant, it shows you how to naturally protect your investment by planting specific plants that will repel the little visitors to our gardens that leave us with little stocks sticking out of the ground with no leaves and no veggies. This book includes guides on seed starting with pointers and times of year to begin including germination times. This book gives the reader the confidence and resources to know what plants grow well together and which ones should be seperated or not used together. I know i will be using what i have learned.......if we ever warm up and lose the snow.
Well worth the money and my guess is you will recoup the cost the first year on your yield. P.M.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

If God is Good

I received a free copy from my friends at blogging for books for an honest review of Randy Acorns "If God is Good, faith in the midst of suffering and evil. When i received it i was overwhelmed by the thickness of it, primarily because as a pastor i am looking for resources i can suggest that will be of benefit to those facing life's challenges. I was intrigued by the book as well for the topic. I don't believe I have ever met a person who acknowledges a supreme being of some sort that doesn't ask the question, "If God is good, why did ....... happen?"
That being said, it quickly became obvious as to why the book was so thick. Dealing with issues of good, evil, sin, morality, and divine sovereignty is no "light" subject. Randy does an awesome job of systematically addressing the issue of evil and why God can allow it when it causes us so much pain. He addresses the issues as they are and doesn't "skirt" the issues.  This is not a quick read, especially if you are willing to allow it to sink in as you read and contemplate what is being said.
I really appreciate the questions Randy asks and the answers he gives from the word of God. After all if we don't see sin and the consequences in the Bible, your plain and simple not in the Bible.
This book is well worth the time and i would highly recommend it to both pastors and lay leaders specifically to better prepare yourselves for the work of the ministry. Feel free to check out the previews of If God is Good, and then go pick up a copy. Why not invest in yourself and be prepared to face a skeptical world?

Amazing biography

I just finished up my first reading of "Abraham, One Nomad's Amazing Journey of Faith", by Charles Swindoll.
My first thought is, "wow, that was a wonderful in depth look at a patriarch of the Christian faith." It was written in story form, which Charles is a master of. We follow Abraham through his adventures following God and excercising faith at every turn. We get to know Abraham and see the real world issues that challenged him and his faith.
Charles gives practical application from the lessons of this great patriarch along with his illustrations which makes it feel like it happened last week. Abraham is an important part of the Christian faith and well worth the time to learn about his life.
I recieved my free copy from TyndaleHouse Publishers for an honest review and honestly it was well worth my time.