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Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Fathers day

Hard to believe we are approaching the 1/2 year gone mark and as usually occurs about this time fathers day. A time we acknowledge the men in our lives that we can blame for how we turned out. Of course now a days it seems as though we ought to petition hallmark to get rid of fathers day as an infringement on the American family. After all who are they to force their view of a traditional family? Of course I am being sarcastic and I completely back the traditional family. I am merely expressing how far some are going to discredit the role of Fathers. There is a ton of evidence as to the importance of the father to be in the home and married to the mother of their children. Regardless of what the liberal media seems to think this is an assault on our homes and our children.
Amazing how even some professing Christians can go along with these views when scripture is so clear on the roles and necessities of having a father in the home. God Himself ordained marriage and instructed Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply. This was a pure and right statement by God that has been vastly perverted and misrepresented by the liberals and atheists. In no way is a father to be replaced by another mother or after the pregnancy a mother to raise the child by herself.  Of course the modern day, "man", certainly hasn't done anything to help fix this problem. Between supporting the pornography industry, bailing on their responsibilities, treating women as objects or possessions instead of like women they were created to be, I am not sure current generations understand what it should even look like.
Here is a mental picture for you. Men were created stronger, more aggressive, and protective than our counterparts. Men are wired to care and protect the woman and children in his life even to the point of death. Men are defined by their careers many times and take great reward in a job done right and done well. They are hard workers and desire to be all that his family expects him to be. A man opens the door for his woman not only as an act of chivalry but as if to tell the world, this is precious cargo and she is now safely in her carriage or entered safely to her destination. A man questions the intent of a young man calling on his daughter and if their is any doubt as to the boys integrity and spiritual condition tells the young man he is not welcome to date his daughter. A man takes his son aside and teaches him what it means to be a man based on Biblical perspectives. He explains the proper way to treat a woman and how to handle conflict not to mention the importance of leading them spiritually. A man is so much more than the culture has made it out to be. Men are necessary and my prayer is this fathers day, God will burden the hearts of all men to step it up and quite being lazy, privileged, pampered pansies and man up to lead their families and honor God. It is hard wired in them so it is a matter of getting power to the right circuit and getting started.
Happy fathers day.
Till next time, father up