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Saturday, January 29, 2011

loving the unlovable

There was a song in the 80's, (I'm dating myself here), where the singer sang the words, people are people so why should it be you and I should get along so awfully. As a teen I liked the song but not till recently did I really pay any attention to the words. Sure we could cruise down the road singing along with hundreds of songs including this one, but do we really pay attention to what the message is? Simply put we are all created beings and although some have more power, wealth, or age we are still just people. people born with a sin nature and, as I have repeatedly said, sin is the great equalizer. It seems this message continues to present itself in my life in many forms, rather consistently. For instance my small group is going through Ecclesiastes where King Solomon has amassed a great wealth, built many great structures, including the Temple for God, and is wiser than anyone before him. Yet in all his wealth, wisdom, and power he wrestles with his flesh. Solomon displays a characteristic that is evident in most of us if not all of us. that is the characteristic of discontent. We suffer in varying degrees of this illness and in different ways but at the end of the day, as Solomon found out, we still look at the "what ifs" and the "if onlys". Paul puts things in perspective as he penned the words found in Php 4:11 Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am, and again in 1Ti 6:8 If we have food and covering, with these we shall be content. David Platt in his book Radical, discusses the differences between our comfy living rooms and the mission field, (my paraphrase). How we have left the battle to others although the great commission commands us to make disciples. The key to this all is summed up in three words that Jesus Himself said are only second to loving God. Those words are, Love thy neighbor! (Matthew 22:39). Tomorrow we come together to worship God. A family of believers celebrating "LIFE TOGETHER". Let us not see people as we have in the past, in deed as our father once saw you, a sinner in need of salvation. See you soon.
Pastor Mark  

Monday, January 24, 2011

Getting started

Life together, yeah right. I barely have enough time for myself, my family, my job and everything else. I'm lucky if I make it to church once a month and now they want me to join a small group, attend a work day and then a guilt trip because I haven't gotten to know our new neighbors. Why do they expect so much of me?

Does this sound anything like you? I know each day brings its own challenges and yet we all are given the same amount of time to spend as we see fit. Much the same as a dog is drawn to smells, you are drawn to the things you find the most important. Really what we struggle with is priorities. Life's priorities! The squeaky wheel gets the oil and so do the things in your life. I think of the book of Acts and the beginning of the early church in that first century. Specifically in Chapter two of Acts. So much to do on top of the already demanding schedules of the Apostles. They were continually meeting together, devoting themselves to the teaching of the apostles, fellowship, breaking of bread and praying. I can't speak for you but that seems impossible as we lay in our bed at night and wonder how we will ever get everything done the next day. Well here is the advice from our Lord and Savior in His great sermon found in Matthew 6:34 It says:
"So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.
Proverbs 27:1 tells us not to boast about tomorrow for you do not know what a day may bring forth.

The point is God is the author of time. Give first to Him what He deserves and you will find not only your priorities changing but your time being blessed. But hey don't take my word for it, give it a try and let me know how God has blessed your time and your life. Until the next time I'm in it with ya.
Pastor Mark