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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Gardening time

O.K. so it snowed last night and now I'm talking about gardening. Although this is not my usual type of blog I couldn't help but share with you a book i just reviewed. The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden by Karen Newcomb is not only practical for utilizing your gardening space but exceptionally well put together. By far this is the most comprehensive, and informative book on gardening I have ever read. I received this book from the folks at blogging for books for free for an honest review.
I received the book and began fanning through it getting an overview of what i might be able to expect. To my surprise the pictures and explanations are fantastic. Not to give away any insider secrets but the Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden shows plots of ground with suggestions on where and how to plant what types of plants to best utilize the space. Not only does the book show you location of each plant, it shows you how to naturally protect your investment by planting specific plants that will repel the little visitors to our gardens that leave us with little stocks sticking out of the ground with no leaves and no veggies. This book includes guides on seed starting with pointers and times of year to begin including germination times. This book gives the reader the confidence and resources to know what plants grow well together and which ones should be seperated or not used together. I know i will be using what i have learned.......if we ever warm up and lose the snow.
Well worth the money and my guess is you will recoup the cost the first year on your yield. P.M.