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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

missions week is coming up.

How timely it is that we will be observing missions month in March in light of the headlines. Everybody has an opinion regarding ISIS and I suppose I do too. I think the thing that has really sent me spiraling hasn't been so much what they are doing as WHAT WE ARE NOT DOING. Does that make sense? You see Christians have been persecuted as long as we can tell yet we have tried to live our witness to an unbelieving and increasingly hostile world. Christians have been called weak, judgemental, and hypocritical and all because we know what we believe and why. Although some of us realize it can be impacted by "how" we present what we believe as well. I read in Scripture the Acts of the Apostles and the evangelistic efforts, and clearly see challenges regardless of location and how presented. The gospel can be flat out offensive and seem extremely judgemental. Note I said "seem", because to the hearer it is offensive but lets face it if someone told you there was a booger in your nose it wouldn't matter if it was offensive or not, you would remove the booger. The goal of the gospel is of a pure motive to see those who are destined to a place that Scripture describes as horrific, a literal hell, and provide truth and evidence of a logical faith. I understand that some have made the gospel offensive with thier approach, words and legalistic views of what Christianity is. Every religion has those who reflect poorly on thier religion. My prayer is that Christians will consider how they present the message of the gospel and just as important how the persons words match up with thier actions. Being consistent is vital. People are watching and when they see one Christ follower mess up it makes it harder on the rest of us when we talk to them.
Now that all being said here is what really grates my cheese. ISIS is making headlines world wide, not for trying to share about their beliefs or convince us that their god is good and just, but solely on the basis of killing Christians. As a Christian man I take offense at their actions and firmly believe it is time to step it up and put a stop to this. Oops is this politically incorrect, or am I walking a dangerous line of offending a president and getting visitors knocking on my door? I find it amazing a country founded on Christian principles is full of self professing Christians that are unwilling to stand up for their cause. These terrorists that threaten the safety of Christians worshipping God use methods of intimidation, and are now flooding into America thanks to Mr. "O". Enough is enough! I love my country but first and foremost I love my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Are you prepared for the upcoming epic battle? It's on our doorstep and you're losing your ammunition, freedoms, guns generations, and mobility thanks to those who are sympathetic to terrorists. Remember your constitutional rights and claim them while you still can. And if you happen to know any radicals be sure and forward my blog for them, because this is one Christ follower who won't be tucking tale and running, but am prepared and ready to stand in opposition of this growing threat. Where do you stand?
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