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Monday, July 28, 2014

Change of Heart?!

Have you ever been told to have a change of heart or even heard someone wish you had a change of heart. I have heard this phrase many times and it recently surfaced again when I heard the phrase, "give ____ a new heart". That really caught my attention and caused me to seriously do some searching. Search my heart God,the psalmist writes, create in me a clean heart, oh God, and many other things are written about the heart but give someone a new heart? I first considered the motives of the person making the comment. Is this in fun or serious, selfishly directed or out of real concern?
Regardless of the motive, one must consider what it means. Now as a Christian I understand putting on the new self, being Spirit filled and confident in my position as an heir to the throne, but what part does my heart play in this. I know I am incompetent to create within me any source of purity, wisdom, or to experience true love and true peace without God.
Romans 10 says that with the heart man believes resulting in righteousness, and with his mouth he confesses resulting in salvation.
To believe in Christ with the heart results in righteousness. Not the head, not the eyes, ears, nose or feet, but the heart. If a person so believes, then any attempt by another to ask for a new heart, or to pray for a change of heart is not realistic in expectation. Maybe a change or modification of behavior, maybe a new zeal to serve, grow or go but certainly not a new heart for a person who already has a new heart. A heart for the Lord and His people. So how about you? Do you tell people you wish they had a new or better heart? If so you had better check your motivation if you are talking to a Christian.
Till next time leaving the judging to God.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Inspector bullies.

So camp is full swing and kids and youth are having the time of their life. So many camps, each specialized for a specific interest or age group. Blobs, mudslides, camp fires, s'mores, mini golf, swimming and chapel. But as camp continues on their is something more sinister at work. That's right, inspectors. Fire inspectors, health inspectors, insurance inspectors and dozens other. After all with all the hazards of camp we have to keep everyone safe. I appreciate the thoughtfulness but seriously as Brad Stine jests, "put a helmet on".
Let me back up and just say I have had enough interaction with these authority hogs and self righteous inspectors to last me a lifetime. You see it in the news and you hear about it from those who get the ,uh hum, privilege of working with these people. Now I am not one to make a blanket statement and I am sure there are at least a couple of them out there that really care about those they are serving and trying to protect and keep it real. But this week I heard a story of an inspection at a camp that just drove me nuts. Kind of like a set of fingernails on a chalkboard. Today's youth missed out on that treat. Here is the way it goes, an inspector walks in rips the place apart and tells you how long you have to comply or they will come back and shut you down. This particular inspector came into camp, and has been there year after year for years, and began his inspection. During this inspection he noticed the kitchen staff wiping down the counters. He inquires what they are using to which the reply was antibacterial wipes with bleach. Oh good heavens the inspector exclaimed, you are killing to many bacteria. It is unhealthy to kill so many and so you need to just use soap and water.
Now I'm not at his pay grade but what kind of idiotic rule is that? Did he recognize that the camp was full of little bacteria vessels called campers. There is no shortage of germs I assure you. And by the way that's why these counter cleaners were made, to kill germs. Couldn't he find enough to gripe about without making stuff up? These guys are typical government bureaucratic bobcats. Make it up as they go and seemingly no conscience. I preached on self-control today and so I must be cautious what I say but let me say this. If people don't wake up and start pushing back your going to wake up with no rights, and wondering what hit you. It starts with you and with me so be bold, make them work for their pay check and show you laws they are trying to make you abide by. My guess is enough people don't want to cause waves in case there are consequences, but if you don't push back you'll never know if your truly in compliance or being set up for future failure. Why not send me a note on your experiences with inspections?
till next time

Sunday, July 6, 2014

motivating and challenging

I recently read a book by Pete Hise entitled, "What Life Are You Waiting For? push play for the adventure God has for you." I received a free copy from Tyndale House publishers for my review.
This book is well written and a joy to read. The basic premises struck a chord with me as I desire to see people not just follow Christ but to say yes to what God has in store. Pete does a great job of using personal examples and illustrations to convince us of the importance to say yes to God.
One of the things that I really appreciated is the format of the book. Each chapter covers removing the obstacles of life and making tough choices on following God. Following each chapter is a "getting traction" section that takes what was discussed and put handles on it for our everyday life. This is a valuable asset to our growth process. you'll have to pick up a copy and give it a go.
You'll be glad you picked up a copy And don't forget to have your Bible handy as each section takes you to a scripture. For more information visit Tyndale House Publishers.

another great book.

It took me a while but I just finished the book, The Holy Land Key by Ray Bentley with Genevieve Gillespie. I will tell you there are a lot of books out there that discuss the end times but this book hits a home run in my estimation. What a wonderful and refreshing way to look at the future by looking back, specifically at the prophecies and people of Israel. Understanding the signs and times in relation to God's people and the progression of the climax that we refer to as Armageddon.
From blood moons to the challenge of understanding Daniels 70 weeks it is all addressed in this book. If you are a student of the Bible you will appreciate this resource. It is in depth, yet simple enough for the average reader. You are sure to be challenged, and encouraged. Jesus will be returning, do you know what to be watching for?
Pick up a copy today and keep your Bible close, to look up the references.
This book was provided free of charge by "blogging for books" for this review.

To find out more about this title you can click here.
Till next time.