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Monday, March 31, 2014

Courageous Grace

As a pastor I am always walking a fine line between grace and truth and naturally lean to the truth side. I believe that is what intrigued me about the book by Gayle Haggard titled, "Courageous Grace following the ways of Christ"
Gayle was the wife of a high profile pastor in a large church who failed morally. The book at times almost feels like a defense for her husband, but in the light of scripture forgiveness is from God.
I have always believed that certain people are placed on pedestals giving them a longer distance to fall. Just as if you dropped a bowling ball from 1 inch and one from 10 feet. The resulting impact is going to be much more pronounced. Gayle does a great job of putting things in perspective and asking the tough questions. One of which is why do we persecute and remove those who fail when the idea is to restore them? This is the amazing thing for a watching world, that we would treat each other nicely until someone fails and then we feed them to the wolves. That is not what the Christian faith wants to portray, but our pious, holier than though behaviors are flat out wrong. Grace is offering to someone what they don't deserve, just as Jesus did for you. Gayle shares some of the things they went through during this dark hour of their marriage and life, including the comments made from supposed friends. This book will challenge even the most grace filled people to a new level. I am truly glad I read this book and will be taking a good look at how I react in situations from now on to see if more grace is warranted. I received a free copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers for my review. Happy reading.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How quickly we forget.

I gotta share a thought with you. Does anyone remember before the election when Obama and Putin were meeting and Barak told Putin to wait until he was reelected? I must say that in light of all the friction with Russia right now it amazes me that when Obama says Russia will pay, that I don't believe him. That could be because he has lied to the American people from the beginning and appears to be picking up steam. What happened to all the impeachable offenses that are tied up in litigation, should we add traitor to that as well? What was it that Putin had said that caused Obama to respond the way he did? Let me ask you this way, do you feel safe in your own home? Do you ever worry that your conversations are being eavesdropped on for "national security reasons". Do you think its ok for a drone to fly around your house and record what you are doing or who is coming and going from your house? Do you believe you should be able to read any book you desire anywhere INCLUDING the Bible, and do you think you can? Before long Christians will have to have a concealed carry for the Holy Word of God. All I am saying is that things have gone from bad to worse. We have a president that has literally driven this country to its knees, driven us into unfathomable debt, cut spending on defense, reduced our ability to defend ourselves and wants to have hand selected individuals in all the media offices to control what you hear and see. I for one will be turning to our constitution that clearly gives the right to take a stance legally and rightfully. Its time to reclaim our country and it starts one person at a time. You might think you don't have an impact as one person, but I tell you, you not only can but you do! If a pregnant woman came up and asked for 50 bucks to go get an abortion what would you say? I would pray you would encourage her to keep the child and give it up for adoption or try to reason with her, but under no circumstances would you give her the money to kill a baby. So why is it when our president and his Obama care require you to pay for these services you will idly stand by? Is it because its not as personal? What about your right to carry a fire arm and then you go in and are fingerprinted, back ground ck, fbi profile and a dozen other things. Seems to me it isn't a right its a privilege, however that isn't what the constitution says is it!? Our kids are growing up not understanding the freedoms we have had and therefore don't miss them or feel challenged regarding them. Every generation we grow a little more passive regarding our freedoms and if we don't stop the train it will derail, guaranteed. Give that some thought today and ck the facts.
Till next time, come quickly Lord Jesus.