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Monday, July 6, 2015

America's eulogy.

I began writing this week as to what a eulogy for America might look like and this is what I came up with. I love our country and refuse to sit back and abide by illegal acts. For instance the supreme court can make all sorts of crazy rulings, and they have, but when they decide to write law I will not view this illegal act as lawful. They can go through the proper channels to have laws written by the legislative branch and they can keep on making bogus rulings that they do best. Same goes for the far reach of the executive branch. Maybe someone needs to require our public servants to read and sign off on what every 3rd and 4th grader already know, 3 branches of government, all with different responsibilities and all for the purpose of accountability. Hey Obama, don't forget who you serve!! And pass it along!! We the people are getting fed up and are beginning to grow wrestless with your agendas. Just saying.....

·        Eulogy of America
This weekend marks a sad time as we remember the life of the lady liberty. She was born in 1776 and stood as a pillar of hope, integrity, and freedom. Our lady could always be seen in her colors of red, white and blue. Songs and lyrics were written to express gratitude, joy and respect in honor of her. She lived a good life; a life filled with challenges and yet persevered throughout and became known as a world power. She looked out for the little people and wouldn’t stand down because of any threat, but would go out to meet it face on. She was brave and wise and well respected. People took notice when she had something to say and they paid her the respect knowing that she was good on her word. There were those who hated her and longed to see this day come. Resenting the strong morals based on Biblical principles there was never a shortage of accusers and taunters. The decline in her health took place slowly at first, but in the latter days escalated at unprecedented rates, slipping into a coma and never returning to her vibrant love of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We cannot be clear as to the exact time of death as she was heavily sedated by heavy taxation, deceit and corruption. In fact it is said she had lost so much weight that she was barely noticeable had it not been for the tattered stars and stripes by which she was best known. She is remembered for her integrity and strength, correcting wrongs, solving problems and helping others. She made the American dream the….American Dream. She was preceded in death by her Uncle Sam, sibling’s common sense, integrity, truth, moral conviction and leaves behind 100,000s of thousands of children who gave their lives defending her honor. There has been no date set for services as there is no next of kin and no one to take the initiative to conduct a service. Those that would like to no longer have the freedom to pay their respect.  Pastor Mark McClintick.

You may copy and use this eulogy with permission so long as credit is given. 

A sobering thought for us to consider as we watch the headlines and the worlds spiral.
At least this year we still celebrate our freedoms, or what is left of them.
Till next time