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Friday, April 26, 2013

come on man!

ok, so there are not to many times when people can surprise me at the lack of common sense, but this week didn't let me down. Talk shows and the callers they have are usually something I steer clear of just for the sake of my own sanity, but once in a while I will see a clip or hear a snip-it of something that boggles my mind. Twice in the past week I have seen things that left me speechless and utterly amazed at the sheer lack of though processing some people seem to have, er uh, not have.
I'm sorry for all you politically correct people who are offended by my words but can we just call a spade a spade?
I mean really what causes this type of thing? Eating paint chips, inhaling sewer gas, being dropped on your head, or what. (no jab intended for the guy I know who was actually dropped on his head as a child).
How many people out there actually believe that sport utility vehicles are what moms drive because they are driving their kids to sporting events?
or that taking guns out of common joes hands will keep the convict looking to rob, rape or kill someone will make things safer. Oh I know it is the same type of person that says that there is no moral absolutes and then tries to impose their view on me about abortion and homosexual marriage. Wait a minute, it just occurred to me that everyone is safe. After all their is no real wrong so God must be cool with all my sin and I will see you all in heaven some day, or if you don't believe in God you can't believe in heaven and of course no hell could exist so life is just a party followed by ABSOLUTE nothingness. That is if anything can be absolute, meaning there must be somethingness in with the nothingness.
Ok, now I'm just getting ridiculous, but do you get what I am saying? Most things are logically based and are cause and effect type things. Your faith or lack there of, is

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Time to stop! Before we go!

So when is enough enough? Is it when the "authorities" come into your home and tell you what food you have to feed your family? What if they told you that your children needed to participate in certain events or face not graduating? Oh, I know it must be when they come into your house as if they have the authority to be there and take your kids because your not doing a sufficient job of raising them because you have chosen to home school or use natural remedies to medical conditions. That must be it for sure!!
O.k., as you can already tell I am being sarcastic, but these things are happening every day right under your noses and most people look the other way because it doesn't affect me. How wrong you are! Each time these illegal actions are taking place, you my dear reader, are one step closer to having your door knocked on.
We see it everyday and tune it out. You walk into a break room or church hallway and hear the mumbling of disgruntled people but once again you can't do anything so why get involved.
I just read a headline and partial story of MS NBC latest expression of their mixed up way of thinking.
How ridiculous that Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are getting railed for "overreacting" to the statements that our children belong to the community. MS NBC went on to say, my paraphrase, that parents need to get past thinking that their children belong to them but instead belong to the community.
I am so thankful for people in the media that expose these warped, misguided, creatures and their agendas.
Let me say it this way, "I home school my kids because, I truly care about my children and their education and there is no way I will hand over my children to an institution that birages them with messages that are contradictory with our faith. I have been set over my children to guide and direct them as they come of age to integrate into society to contribute in this lost and decaying world. I will not hand my kids off to an institution because its "convenient", or leave it to the "experts" because they are trustworthy. I take my role very seriously and will fight tenaciously to protect my rights and the rights of those who feel the same way."
I'm sorry Mr. Obama, and all other public officials, you work for me. I expect you to use my money wisely. Manage our money like you manage your own financials, only try to do it legally this time. No more double standards! You tell me no guns, which is my right and i will exercise my rights, than you should have no guns, and no armed body guards. Don't tell me my meat has to be radiated because its not safe to eat if its not. Do not tell me my body is releasing carbon and so i should be taxed for living, that was Gods design morons! Do not suppose I am so naive that your purchasing of billions of rounds of ammunition and property for detainment camps, i mean fema camps is for my protection. Hollow point bullets to the social security administration makes so much sense as those rowdy senior citizens may storm our capitals and although its clearly posted "no guns allowed" begin throwing bullets at you. COME ON!! Enough is enough.
All this to say that the Bible says that "My God shall supply all your needs, according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus." PH 4:19 This verse reminds us that amidst all these insane, perverse, and downright evil behaviors, God is still in control and will maintain us until the day He calls His own home. Don't be left behind, Choose life, Choose Jesus Christ.