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Saturday, October 6, 2012

bridging the gap of adversity

Where were you when adversity hit? The twin towers, or the 35W bridge in Minneapolis, MN, or a dozen other major events. Not all adversity is this well known and the truth is we'll all hit it at some point. The Bible is full of examples of individuals facing adversity. For some, adversity is what hits other people and never me, for others it is always hitting me and never anyone else. In both cases they are dead wrong! Adversity is so much bigger than just ourselves. Look at the example in scripture of Paul and Barnabas, found in Acts. A "sharp dispute", arose between them and they seperated or parted ways. All because Mark left them on thier previous trip and went back to Jerusalem. Interestingly enough Paul discusses dealing with division a lot in his epistles and yet the sharp disagreement would be an angry dispute, with the potential of violence. I'm sure they parted upset but through this adversity came twice the missions work that would otherwise have not taken place. Paul and Silas took off and Barnabas and Mark took off. Two teams now in place doing ministry for the Lord. By the way don't lose any sleep, Mark and Paul work out things and Paul actually sends for Mark in Colossians. All ends well but God uses our differencs to build us in ways we never thought possible. He is with us through it all and teaches us to rely fully on Him. So next time adversity hits take a different look at it and wait in wonder at what God will do to glorify Himself. Till next time P.M.