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Monday, July 27, 2015

Meat, Glorius Meat

I am always looking for good resources rather in the realm of theology or .......or meat. I love the historical ways of working the ground, processing food and the old time tools that were used in the process. So when I saw this book I knew I would appreciate it. It's kind of like the bible of the meat realm. 
This book,  The River Cottage Curing and Smoking Handbook, by Steven Lamb, starts out with some basics like the history of curing and smoking as well as the basic science behind it. It then walks you through the process of both curing and smoking step by step. By the time you are done reading the first half of the book you will know the equipment, ingredients, and methods to cure or smoke your own meat at home. The last half of the book is filled with recipes for you to try. They are detailed including the technique you will use to cure the meat as well as how long it will take. I would recommend this  book to anyone, especially if they love cured and smoked meats. This book is extremely thorough and in depth for the beginner or advanced person. I will be using this book for a long time to come. I received my complimentary copy courtesy of my friends at blogging for books, but you can pick up a copy at your favorite book store or on-line.
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