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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

name that sermon

Ok, so this may not be the best blog you've ever read but I was really hoping for you all to share some of the funniest sermon titles or experiences you have ever experienced in you days of church going. you see websites with funny bulletin inserts but rarely do you hear about personal experiences or even a pastors well-intentioned flub. Kind of like Ken Davis telling of a time he had a guy fall out of his chair into the aisle, everyone thought this guy was laughing so hard he lost his bearings. Nope, come to find out the guy was dying. They used the life paddles on him and took him out by stretcher. Ken says that was very difficult to recover from, people just don't think things are as funny after witnessing this type of thing. Or how about the pastor entitling his sermon flatulence or flowers, what are people saying about you?
If you have a funny story of a happening or sermon title or any other goofy church thing shoot me an email and share. I enjoy a laugh in the middle of the day. I will compile these and post them at a later date.

We will soon be posting book reviews and trends so keep your eyes open.

I would also invite you to ask questions on any questions you might have on family, or scripture type things.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back to the grind

Most of the country is gearing up to head back to school. This can be an exciting time or a time in which our youth drag there feet. Here are a few observations for you to consider as you plan and strategize for the fall chaos that is closely at hand.
  1. "School supplies" are not a national holiday although we treat it as such and hold it sacredly observing the inserts in the Sunday paper as revelation as to where to find the greatest deals.
  2. Consistency is a good thing. I recall a parent in a church I pastored to the youth that when the daughters provocative dress was addressed the parent told the youth, "those clothes are unacceptable for church. If you wear them to school that's fine, but a good Christian gal should not dress like that at church. We aren't talking Sunday dresses and hats either we are talking your run of the mill t-shirt and blue jeans, unfortunately there wasn't much of either in this case.
  3. School has become all about the extracurricular things and less about the education. I am so sick of hearing about how well someone's kid is doing in basketball, football, track, and volleyball. That must be why now many of our schools are moving things to wed. nights and Sundays to fit it all in. As a parent stand up and let the school know you support them but will not support the encroachment on the few hours that we hold dear as Christians.
  4. Hey parents, your kids don't have to have the latest gadgets and whatchamacallits, to be liked or popular. Drive by the parking lots of any high school and look at the cars, or in Nebraska trucks, you'll see the majority that are newer and snazzier than what we are driving. It doesn't stop there either. High schoolers are now "given" laptops that are very helpful but not very practical. For instance how many people own a mac, as opposed to IBM compatibles? I already hear the whining that our kids don't know how to run an IBM compatible because they have learned on a mac. Lets learn to think people!
  5. Our final point today is that for as much as we spend financially, physically, emotionally in preparing our kids and ourselves for school we completely neglect the spiritual aspect. Truth is if you and I review our behaviors our selfish, greedy, prideful, lusting self comes out this time of year as we want the best clothes, and the trapper keeper that folds into its own backpack, with optional button that alerts you of a fashion disaster.
This fall try something new and fresh, buy your kid a back to school Bible, challenge them to read it in study hall, give them a one another's, challenge of practicing their Christian faith. Don't enter them in the competition we overlook called secularism. If that's what your after dismiss this entire blog, your well on your way to success.
Till next time, see ya in the halls

Monday, August 5, 2013


Fraz-matic, is the point at which you become so frazzled that it becomes an automatic response of your body. Kind of like the fight or flight when someone comes around the corner and yells, boooo at you. Its pretty difficult to diagnose at first until you have been properly educated.
You will first want begin noticing frazmantic behavior by small bursts of intermittent energy followed by numbness. The little jolts feel like a small electrical current running through your body, at more serious levels you may even experience heart palpitations. Not to worry this is just the last nerve shutting down. You may also notice rolling eyes, and weight gain.
Although physicians across the world have been treating the causes, they have not found a cure. They will tell you rest and relaxation will help the cause, but all it really does is prolong the inevitable, the death of the nerve. They say exercise, fresh fruit and plenty of soup will help, and it does, but it is still only treating the symptoms. Sadly the frustrations of everyday life, dealing with children, coworkers, and spouses, tends to hasten the demise of the nerve. No cure, indeed.....until now.
Recent research has indicated that a manual has been created and available at no cost to deal with this and all other illnesses, including sarcasmania. (The excessive use of sarcasm). It is an ancient writing that has proven effective millions of times. The Bible, as it is referred to has advice for curing Fraz-matics. For instance 1st Peter 5:7, tells us to cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you. Its true, Jesus has been recorded repeatedly curing people and fixing things including what ails you. In fact I have personal experience in that He dealt with my sin that was keeping me from my Father. He restored me and treated me like a king, restoring all benefits of being the son, and all I had to do is confess my sin and place my trust in Him. He can do what He says if you only believe. He's not like the frauds you hear about such as Muhammad, and Joseph Smith to mention a couple. Give it a try and I promise you won't be disappointed.
Till next time.

Stay tuned for our new section on this blog where I will be reviewing new release books and rating them.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sieze the day!

I guess you could kind of say this week fell apart. I made way to many promises and am still trying to get the work done that I was supposed to have done regardless of any promises. I'm sure you can relate. This time of year we are scrambling to get the kids ready for school, church is usually planning fall events, preparing for the holidays and before you know it, "HAPPY NEW YEAR".
The thought almost makes me shudder to think another year is over half over, or for you optimists, half left.
The irony is how small a device that runs our lives. Its a device that we can't seem to function without and even if we gave it away everyone else is still connected to it. What is it, you ask?
A Clock!! we can't do anything without it reminded us just how out of time we are. Plastic, glass, and metal controlling our lives and most of us live by it. Imagine a Sunday when everyone just took a chance to show up, hoping their would be a service if enough people showed up together.
Here's the clincher, Jesus isn't going to ask you if you were late to work, but He will ask you how you spent the time He gave you. How is it you will respond?

something to think about this week.
Till next time