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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Who is the real enemy here?

I live in a fairly quiet neighborhood so you can understand why I became agitated as cars continually drove by laying on their horns from one end of the block to the end of the block two blocks away. The first few times I assumed were for the high school senior who is graduating a crossed the street and with all the senior parades and cruising nights that made sense, but when it persisted I had to go investigate. As I looked out the window of our porch on this dreary rainy cold day I saw two balloon bouquets with signs in the neighbors yard. Upon further inspection I could see the signs read, :Honk when you go by for {our neighbors name} in appreciation for her birthday beings they couldn't have a party. I thought that was a pretty cool thing to do but then the next sight left me scratching my head. There were several cars but all I could see was one lady with a mask over her face sitting in a lawn chair in the driveway in the midst of the rain and the owner of the house sitting in the garage door opening without a mask. I told my wife that they are practicing social distancing but must not have read the sign. I was still confused as there were far more cars than people, but my wife cleared everything up when she shared the garage is full of people.
Now my point isn't to belittle anyone or pass judgement but this truly reveals the desire most people have to be around others. Even the one wearing the mask faced the fear to sit in the rain and be in fellowship with her dear friend. I have wondered if she caught pneumonia from sitting in the rain, but that's not funny is it?
I have noticed two camps of people. Let me give you a scenario to see where you fall.
Settle down now, this is all in fun.
Let's say your sitting in your favorite chair on your porch with your favorite beverage and a great little snack, just watching the squirrels and birds, with an occasional family out for a walk. Every so often a car will pass and you wave because in my story we are all friends and that is what friends do. Anyway, a car suddenly catches your eye and as you turn to see it isn't the car it is what is inside. It looks like an alien and they are covered so you don't know if they are someone you know or not. They have a hazmat suit on and a respirator, not one of those flimsy paper ones, I'm talking about the kind with replaceable cartridges, charcoal filters and straps to secure it with rubber seals that seal tight against your skin. They have two sets of rubber gloves on in case one set is breached they will still have time to reach safety.
By now you have formed an opinion, probably that i am full of drama, but in regards to the driver.
The first group see this spectacle and shake their heads in approval of how seriously they are taking the threat and in fact probably have taken a couple of notes down to pick up some better gear to fight this pandemic. You see the logic in their decision and blow them a kiss as they drive by. unfortunately they don't see you because their safety goggles that prevent them from rubbing their eyes have fogged over.
The second group who undoubtedly has been laughing are those who have already labeled them as a fanatic with paralyzing fear. They actually might even get mad about the drastic depths this person is willing to go and even point out that medical experts have told them not to drive with masks its not safe or healthy.  This is quite a dilemma when two sides are so far apart and can't seem to see the logic through the biased set of glasses they are adorning. This seperation exists even among Christ followers.
So here is the lesson. You and I make strong arguments with little information. For instance we can only assume the covid is why they dressed that way and reject the idea they are on their way to a major accident with a chemical spill. You have to admit we don't know for sure. both groups are united in their assumption and both think they are right. This is called justification. We make an argument to support our conclusion and we have to "justify" it by any means possible. Let me ask you a question. Is it ok for two people to have opposing views and still fellowship? Of course not that would be like saying Christ could live among people. Oh..... wait ......He did. And He loved us so much He gave His life that we may gain life eternal. Let us not lose track of who the real enemy is here. Chew on that for a couple of days.
Till next time.