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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Here we go

Lately it seems life is flying by so fast I can hardly keep up. It made me think of my child hood and the days that would just drag on and on, seemingly never ending. I could do all sorts of things and accomplish so much and now as soon as I start something it takes me forever to finish something. I'll be lucky to finish this blog today!
So what's changed? I have to think that either I am slowing way down, becoming less proficient, or am less organized than I was as a 6 year old. That could be but as I stop and think about it as I grew up my interests expanded and my responsibilities increased. You know, "that old chestnut". As my life changed so did my priorities. Friends are important but not as important as my wife, and all of a sudden I became a father and then my job began expecting more and boom, there it is. The things that I enjoyed as a kid got pushed aside and before I knew it I was up to my neck in things I had to do.
My dad would tell me, when I complained he was never around, that someday you'll understand and see why he was always working. That of course was before I found out he was at the club, or bowling, or business fishing trip etc. Don't get me wrong, I love my dad and he had a great work ethic, but I left the house vowing I would not do that to my kids.
Since those days much has changed, not only am I a father I am a husband, a brother, a son, a friend, and the most dramatic change, a Christ follower. I reflect on how quickly things have gone and how much has changed and only recently have discovered that although my interests are many, my time is limited. I desire to do so many things and yet struggle to just get my daily requirements done. Is my life to full? In short, yes. I have allowed the world to tell me what is important and how to spend my time, and yet technology should, if used appropriately give me an increased effectiveness on getting my work completed.
When was the last time you did something you really enjoyed? I mean something you really haven't done since you were a kid. Something that used to bring you great enjoyment. Why not take a break from all the pressures and choose to do something that brings you joy? As a Christian and as a pastor I spend alot of time in the Bible and a lot of time reading, most of the time for work. There are times it can feel less than enjoyable, so I am trying my own advice and reading for the enjoyment of it. Not for the purpose of lecturing or taking notes, but plain and simply to remember the awesome events that shaped our world and the amazing events that seem so far fetched that many discredit its authenticity. How grand it is to grab a cup of coffee, read my Bible and be encouraged and filled with the presence of God in His grandness. How about you? Do yo read for pleasure, or do you read at all? Don't grow weary, and be weighted down by the problems we face here and now. You have but one life to live, and to serve a mighty King, and that is where the joy comes from. Why not rekindle that love and joy now?
Till next time
I will also be getting my new blog going as well called life solutions, it will be a blog on everyday helps and hints to help us save time, do projects right and in the end save time and money. Be sure and ck it out in the upcoming weeks. We'll go live next week we hope.