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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Things are heating up.

As a pastor many times people are amazed at just how average I am. They developed, at some point, a perspective that pastors are always serious, they don't do things that are "questionable" and most certainly they don't go to movies, ride motorcycles or shoot guns. Its amazing that so many pastors have been pigeon-holed into a stereotypical mold of what has been perceived as normal. I am glad to say that I, my friends, am not one of them. I enjoy target shooting, hiking, riding my motorcycle guitars, drums, martial arts and movies, usually with a big tub of popcorn. Extra buttery!!
But I have come to realize that we are not the only ones who have been stereotyped because of a few passive, conformists that try to be what they are not. We see it all around us and this past week I received a video release from an organization that I am a member of. The groups president claims to be a Christian although the organization is not a Christian only type of group. The group is however made up of Americans who still believe in the American dream and that, I suppose is why this video presentation took me by surprise. As a professing Christian I take threats to my faith very seriously and will defend the faith at all costs. How does this relate to the video? The video is of a man explaining the lengths he will go to when it comes to defending his family as well as his faith. I can respect defending your faith but when your faith tells you to kill people of my faith we have a problem. Specifically when their faith is one that threatens the future of the United States. Just as pastors have been pigeon holed in a wrong way so have Muslims. As a pastor I understand the importance of orthodoxy and obedience to the written Word. I run into people who call themselves Christians all the time and there is absolutely no evidence of their faith or a willingness to be obedient to the word of God. Although it is not politically correct, no evidence or striving, no Christian. Likewise we face a threat that many perceive to be a small pocket of radicals, we get that in Christianity as well. But the truth is any person claiming to be Muslim adheres to the book they believe to be holy, the Qua ran. The claim they are peaceful is of ignorance as their self proclaimed holy book clearly states what must happen to all who will not believe as they do. They take the role of God into their own hands, executing all who oppose them, IE Christians. Whereas Christians leave the future of individuals to God almighty.  You might say I take issue with the merciless murder of my brethren.
It adds insult to injury when i listen to the day of prayer comments Mr. Obama makes to a silent room. He best leave the historical facts of the crusades to the experts and get back to what he does best, running up debt., cutting defense and creating uncertainty as to the future of a once great nation. (Still great, just need people to say enough already). As I recall the Christians took a stance to face a threat, a religious threat, Muslim to be precise. Lets not try to rewrite history but learn from it!!
America it is high time to get back to our Christian roots! Our country was once a favored destination of all the nations. People of other nations desired and envied us of the "American dream". We have seen that dream get further and further away. If you are content with leaving this kind of legacy to the future generations then by all means continue as you have, passive and complacent. Please continue to lift up our brothers and sisters who face daily persecution at the hands of religious bullies who are really wimps hiding behind scarfs.
As for me and my household, we choose Christ!!
till next time.