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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Godonomics book review

Well from time to time I read a book I need to pass along and Godonomics is one of them.

Godonomics  by Chad Hovind is more than just another book about economics.  It does a good job of walking the reader through the Biblical principles of God's design for economic systems. This book takes the time to explain some of the most common economic systems such as Socialism/Communism and shows why they will not work from a biblical and logical perspective. This book does not make economics a "political" issue and is not written in a way that bashes one side of the aisle. Instead, it is written clearly and matter-of-factly about why God's design for our economy is far superior than any other system that is being followed today. Truly an encouraging book about where our country could be as well as where we as individuals can be if we follow's God's economic system. Check out the authors website by clicking here. Or if you would like to take a look at chapter one click here. Either way you won't be disappointed. I received this book for free from, Blogging for Books, for this review.

Well worth the read!
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