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Sunday, December 8, 2013

What difference does 700 years make?

King Ahaz found himself on the sharp side of the sword, when the king of Aram, (Syria), and the king of Israel decided to attack the southern kingdom of Judah. During this time the inhabitants of Judah were terrified, as you can imagine, as the enemy was within sight. During this time a prophet by the name of Isaiah was sent by God to speak to Ahaz. Ahaz wasn't the most upstanding king the nation had ever had. The prophet of God encouraged Ahaz these invaders would not overcome if he would believe. Unfortunately we see in chapter 7 of the book of Isaiah, Ahaz refuses when God asks him to ask for a sign. "I will not test the Lord" he proclaims. But God decides he will give him a sign anyway. Verse fourteen of the seventh chapter says the sign will be a virgin with child who will be called Immanuel. Now there are different variations and interpretations to this verse but clearly according to the gospel of Matthew chapter one, where Matthew quotes the Isaiah passage, Jesus was the infant that would come to the world. He would come in the lowliest of ways, almost insignificant, unnoticed, in a world watching Rome. Over 700 years between the prophecy and the fulfillment and it comes and goes with little to no recognition. An infant and not a political deliverer as the Jews expected. Ahaz missed the boat and met his Waterloo, so don't make the same mistake. A day is coming and will indeed be here sooner than we think when the world will once again receive the king. This time He will come to gather those who are his, those who have a proper understanding, and it will be followed up by a second coming where all of the world will be attentive because He will be here to set things straight. Merry Christmas.
Until the next time
may all the honor be His.