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Friday, November 29, 2013

What's in a "Word"?

I have been studying for our next series of sermons, entitled, "Do you hear what I hear". The premise is to discuss and study out 5 of the most significant statements ever made. This is quite a task considering there are 66 books in the Bible full of important phrases or quotable quotes.
Through  this study I searched famous statements which of course brought up famous quotes instead, but as I foraged through these quotes it amazed me at how many of our past leaders and influences in the united states talked about freedom and protecting our constitution. From Washington, Lincoln, and Johnson, to Martin Luther King Jr. they all had something to say. I would encourage you to not waste your time looking up Barack Hussein Obama quotes unless you desire less freedom, more control, and Muslim tolerance.
The thing that struck me through my studying is the importance of our words and how we choose to use them. We all know that women use more words than men, and so guys we need to be praying for women. ha ha. Seriously, if you stop and review your days word usage, would there be anything you'd change? Maybe select a different word, say it kinder, not say something, or maybe to speak up when you didn't the first time. The Bible has much to say in word selection and James warns us about the devastation our tiny little mouth muscles can reap when used flippantly or without caution and restraint. Not everything that crosses your brain needs to be processed by your mouth. Think how many arguments you would have avoided. I know my life would look differently today if I payed closer attention to my words selecting them like a mechanic choosing the right tool for the job.
Why not spend some time considering what changes need to be made in your word usage right now and plan to make the necessary changes.
Till next time, get those turkey leftovers eaten up.