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Saturday, December 14, 2013

In the Secret Service

No I didn't spend time in the secret service, as far as you know, but I did just read a book I would call the top read of the year for me. I read a lot of books as a pastor but this one wins hands down. Jerry Parr with Carolyn Parr are the authors and although Jerry's claim to fame was the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan, there is so much more. I am a slow reader but I finished this in just over two days. I couldn't put it down! From Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights tension, Kennedy's assassination, Watergate, Iran hostage situation and more, you are in the front seat with the secret service. It is as if you are right there with them, feeling the emotions and tension they felt. Jerry brings a personal side to these presidents, and high profile dignitaries and leaders that have been discussed, and are in our history books, but I guarantee nothing like in this book. Regardless of political affiliation they have one job, protecting the assigned person, at any cost. The agents mentioned in this book become family and we learn about the person behind the office. Honestly some for the good and some for the bad, everyone can have a bad day but some folks are just rotten regardless of status. You'll have to pick up a copy to find out what I mean. This book is well written, informative and well worth the read. I recommend this book to all ages.
Spoiler alert: Jerry and his wife retired and served with many ministries and missions. Jerry went back to school and received his masters of pastoral counseling from Loyola college, later being ordained.
Tyndale House publishers provided a complimentary copy for my review.
till next time, pick up a copy and let me know what you thought:-)