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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wheres God?

So last week we began to ask the question where is God when things are difficult and where is God when things are stressful. My challenge to you was to continue to ask yourself this question as we spend some time studying the book of Daniel.
Just as a reminder Daniel was taken captive by the Babylonians and placed in Nebuchadnezzar's accelerated reprogramming classes. Daniel and some of his buddies not only got free room and board but they also got free college, food and drink from the kings table and I'd imagine some other benefits. We read in chapter one that the best looking and royalty were taken first and the population was already watching these folks so its a no brainer that if you can reprogram them to your way of thinking you will quickly reach the multitude. We also see that the Chief of the officials changed the names of Daniel and his friends from names that reflect the true God, to names that reflected the pagan gods the Babylonians worshipped.
Now I'm no genius but if someone uprooted me from everything that is comfortable and familiar, changed my name and tried to teach me a new religion, I'd be a bit of a basket case. My identity, my normal ways of functioning, my sanity, all out the window.
But the question is, "Where is God?", and why did He allow this to happen?
The world would say either He doesn't exist or that He is not powerful enough to stop bad things from happening.
Bologna!! If God's power rests in my being happy and content, or in everything having the outcome i desire than I have no god, but a servant or slave. Someone to continually make me happy by making the choices I would like. Kinda scary, if you think about it. The same God that scripture tells us we are the "doo-los" or slave of, is somehow now our slave. Forget it!!
Besides that, that would indicate that you are all knowing and understand the big picture and how these things will play out.
Here's a novel idea, quite trying to control the world, let God do the God thing, and you be the loyal trusting servant. Great idea!! By the way could someone help our nations leaders out with this concept? That's right, you in the White House, your only in power as long as God allows it and by the way times a ticking.
For the record, that is where God is. In the small and in the magnitude of life, He is our comforter, our savior, and our authority.
Till next time keep reading in Daniel.