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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Well this week we will begin an in-depth study on the book of Daniel. This is one of the all time greats in the scriptures and is the shortest of the major prophets. Scripture contains 17 prophetical books, 12 of which are known as minor prophets and 5 of which are ...... you guessed it major prophets. Daniel is 12 chapters of incredible real life drama, prophecy, evidence of fulfilled prophecy and hope. Grab a cup of, insert favorite beverage here, and your Bibles and follow along as we seek to understand a book that will take the Holy Spirits revelation to us before we will be able to understand. (Not that other scripture doesn't need Him.) As we study this out your sure to be challenged as it reveals 4 men's undeniable commitment to a Holy God. By the way, as a prophetic book, both fulfilled and future, why not take a look in our own back yard to see how things are going? As you learn more about the history of the Assyrians who captured the Northern kingdom of Israel, and about Judah's captivity by the Babylonians a little over 100 years after, you may find some striking resemblances with our own country. For sure in the leaders you have selected. Oh that's right we don't take credit for the liberals in the white house and congress do we? Well if each generation was brought up understanding God's righteousness and authority we wouldn't be in this mess. Sure that falls on our parents shoulders, but what is on yours for the way your kids will vote? Just saying.....
Anywho, have a lot of fun with this study and we'll be putting some extra points up just in case you missed them or didn't have time to research.
One battle at a time to win the war.
P.s. this weeks memory verse will be Daniel 1:8. Write it down on a memory card and recite it a couple of times a day.