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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Where is God?

That's kind of a silly question to ask, or is it? Most of us carouse through life day by day never really giving much thought to what God is doing. It must be important God stuff, or stuff we just wouldn't understand. But what if I were to tell you that He is sustaining you each step of the day. Its reasonable to think that God is busy with more important stuff than my life, and besides I never hear from Him or sense Hes even thinking about me let alone working on my problems.
Rest assured not only is He working on things, Hes seeing them through and orchestrating a 1000 other lives with yours that you couldn't even imagine. Think of it like this, and pardon the poor example. By the time you taste the freshly grilled hot dog that enters your gullet, stop to think how many people were involved with making this one bite a reality. For instance the farmer, processor, feed plant, grain farmer who made food for the animal who lost its life. Which reminds me that it may have had a vet visit before it was all done. The grocery store, delivery truck drivers, who need gas, vehicles, and a license to drive the truck that was purchased from a company who also performs maintenance and sales for others. Finally although not exhaustively, the grill company that made the grill with the miners who found the coal or the propane to use on the grill, the packaging and the utensils that are used and so on. good grief that's a lot of people to make one wiener. Now it would be absurd to say God personally did all this but only to be used as a very poor example of how God networks lives to bring us to the place He desires.
Daniel is just such a story, although it gets a bad rap for being focused on the lions den and the fiery furnace. Continue reading and especially to join us as we finish out chapter two and into chapter three and understand Nebuchadnezzar's dream which has mostly been fulfilled, however we are about to see that much more is yet to come. Shoot me a note and let me know how your personal studies are going and how we can encourage you.
Networked together,