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Monday, February 4, 2013

is prayer in danger?

For the past several weeks we have been talking about worship and this past week we covered worshipping through prayer. Instead of teaching on the how tos, of prayer, i felt it was more pertinent to discuss the freedom or lack there of. I wonder if we think about this very often. Sure our personal prayers in our heads are difficult to monitor but Daniel prostrated himself before the lord, not to mention he did this in his window. Chapter 6 of Daniel tells us about the government officials trying to dig up some dirt on Danny boy and were unable to do it so they did the next best thing, write a new law and have the king sign it. (Sound familiar with any place you know or should i say live?) Daniel was sold out on God and devoted to an ongoing relationship with Him. Not only did the government officials trick the king into signing a law but it was irrevocable. Once Daniel was found worshipping the God of heaven and not the king, the king had no choice but to carry out the punishment of this new decree that he had signed. Although king Darius was remorseful, couldn't sleep and rushed the next morning to check on Daniel, don't expect to see that with your situation. While some "officials" are prayer friendly, the pressure is increasing to limit this activity as though you are a threat to our national security. In reality, prayer is our national security. We see our rights being challenged as Christians and yet as we become more passive, the enemy gains valuable momentum and real estate. Remember when Christian values were at the forefront of our governments decisions? Can you recall when the judicial branch upheld the law and the legislative branch deliberated law? Now we have rogue judges that a few years ago would have been snapped into position, for writing their own laws. Congressmen and women, senators that would have been sent packing for receiving bribes and special interests. Not to mention presidents partying on your dollars, saying that they will defend you while they take your guns and put them in the hands of the very people we are protecting ourselves from. Come on people, time to wake up, take a stance and give this country back to the Christian values it was built upon. We are loosening our borders and welcoming the Muslims to come in and set up shop to do what they would like. Last i checked they were the attackers and don't tell anyone, they hate Americans. At least the non-Muslim ones. It is in their own book in several spots. Don't believe me pick up the Koran and check out Sr 9. to mention a couple. Daniel was the man! He faced certain death and never flinched at the threat because his faith was to large to deny. How is yours, and how do we know?
Till next time, take a stance