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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Superbowl Sunday means lots of prayer

Two weeks left in our study on worship and this week is worshipping through prayer. We have taken a look at several aspects of worship already and get that worship is so much more than just music. Last week we looked at worship through the word and learned that their is no more important spiritual discipline than the discipline of a steady diet of the Word. That being said the close second is the importance of prayer in our walk. God's word is to us and prayer is our opportunity to talk to God. Of course He already knows what it is that is on your heart but you are given access to His throne through prayer. That is if you have claimed the free gift of salvation through faith in Christ and Him alone.
You can rest assured that come "Superbowl Sunday" there will be many people calling on the name of the Lord, unfortunately it will mostly be those who use His Blessed name as a curse word. You know what I'm talking about, in fact you very well could be one of the individuals that do this with out much thought. So here's a thought, put your 5th grade English teachers name in there or 8th grade math, whoever pops into your mind and every time the other team scores, yell out there name. Doesn't have the same effect does it? That my friends is why prayer is important. Through the saving blood of our savior Jesus, the Lord hears our prayers. It is silly to think any other name would suffice. So not just during your super bowl parties but every day why not commit to praying daily to the one who will hear you and answer. Give it a go you might just come to understand just what is in a name.
Till next season, go Green Bay, (they should have made it)
Pastor Mark.