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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Leading the Way

As I've been preparing the message for the "Good Friday" service , my mind has been running a mile a minute with thoughts, applications, and parallels. The one that hit me this morning is how much we have in common with Peter, James and John. These three of course were in Jesus' inner circle. We see in Mark 14:32-42, that these three were to keep watch as Jesus prayed to the Father. Three times Jesus returns to find them sleeping. The first time Jesus singles out Peter and says to him that the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. (MK 14:38) Now its not certain if Peter is singled out because a few verses earlier Peter was willing to die for Jesus, and now can't even stay awake, or was giving extra attention to a man that we know Satan had asked to sift like wheat. Either way we see three men totally committed to Christ and yet weak in their flesh. Very similar to many of us. We confess Christ and try to live for Him but usually find ourselves in prayer asking God for forgiveness and strength. I have never heard a sermon preached on this point or even this perspective mentioned in Christian circles. Do not be discouraged as their is a great encouragement as we can tell from later writings. These men did stand strong and indeed were used in mighty ways. I believe the reality of Jesus' return is a fog for many. After all how do we compare to Peter who having Jesus with him physically, could still deny Him on several occasions? What does it mean to "live for Christ" to you? Does it mean sacrifice, patience, love, peace, unity, or what? The disciples believed they lived for Jesus and yet argued who would be greatest in heaven. Does this describe you in any way. Why not pause right now and ask the Lord to reveal your areas of weakness that you might be strengthened to serve Him all the more that when our days are ended you might hear, "well done good and faithful servant". In it with ya.