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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 3 of the "Right Means"

As we approach today's point I wonder if we have really embraced the true meaning of unity and are willing to take the necessary steps to walking the walk and talking the talk of our Christian faith. I think that is why today's point can be so difficult is because it is the absolute of selflessness. Today's point is, "humility of mind, regard one another as more important." As you recall these are the words out of Philippians chapter two and the main theme is to "maintain the unity". How is it this can be so difficult when we share the same Spirit? The Holy Spirit who indwells each believer, and yet we still experience division and disunity. I believe it all comes down to humility of mind. When we begin to put the needs of others before ours, actively seeking to serve one another, and considering the Lords will, instead of ours. I think of 2nd Timothy 4 where we learn that men will turn their ears from truth and turn to myths. Surrounding themselves by a great number of teachers that will say what their itching ears desire to hear. I believe that these people are Satan's puppets and we as believers should be on guard. The enemies desire is to keep us from maintaining the unity that already exists among those in the family. Settle for nothing less than complete unity and let nothing get in your way of considering others as more important. The less self focused the more Christ focused we can become. The term "regard" is a verb and in the Greek means to have more than an opinion about, but carefully thought out conclusion based on truth. I love the quote that, Humility is that grace that when you realize you have it, you have lost it", so true and so funny.Why not give yourself the once over to see if your truly walking in humility and lifting others up appreciating their value before a mighty creator. Until next time, Word up!