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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 4 of The "Right Means"

Yesterdays point was to regard one another as more important, and today's is very closely related. In fact it is almost just like phrasing it a different way. Today's point is, "Do not merely look at your own interests." Paul's point here is primarily, thought not exclusively, to personal interest, serving the Lord. Many churches have division and quarrels concerning church programs and policies that may be equally Biblical. The problem occurs when we promote our own interests at the expense of others. One of my largest struggles as a pastor has been how to encourage someone in their passionate ministry when it does not align with the direction of the church. A tender time when someone feels that God Himself is leading them to this ministry and this particular area, and yet plans to go a different route are being discussed. How easily we can become offended and outright belligerent when we are told not now. How dare someone tell me I can't do this. Many times we develop the attitude that we will just take our ideas and go across the street to the next church. The sad part is two-fold. First that their has been no reconciliation between those where disunity or division exist. The second is with an outlook like this we take our problems, sometimes called baggage, to the next church. Not only is this not fair to the new place, it will be added to in a similar area at the new church. The same heart that caused us to respond the way we did will continue to beat as it does until someone loves us enough to say, enough. We'll get through this and I am not going to give up on you or allow you to let the enemy get a hold. That my friends is the body of Christ. Tomorrow we will wrap it up with the fifth and final point and is also closely related to yesterdays and today's points. Join us then, and until then, Commit yourself to the Lord and His Will to consider others not just ourselves. Keep your eyes on the King!