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Thursday, February 27, 2014

unique church

I spent some time in a funeral service yesterday and within moments was........"intrigued" by the sermon stations located on the platform. This guy must have lost 4lbs just moving from station to station. Let me give you a glimpse. Center stage front was empty but in back was a large cross hanging from the ceiling and prominent looking. To each side of the center were pulpits with large coverings both equipped with microphones. Center rear was a long "bar like" desk that held papers and hymn book etc. things used during the service. As we went from prayer to sermon to scripture reading to invocation, benediction and constitution, he moved from place to place, sometimes almost running. The one thing that grabbed my attention more than anything else, sorry it wasn't his message, was during the service there were a couple of times where he kept his back toward us and faced the large cross. I have thought about worship teams leading from the back and know of churches that do that so as to not be distracted as if they are at a rock concert, but the thought of preaching that's original. My wife's comment was that it was as if he went from leading us to joining us. Now there are many different kinds of churches and pastors out there but I can see the value in the congregation seeing their pastor and elders worship with them and not be some sort of focus to see if they are doing it right. Come on, admit it, we watch to see if our pastor and their family take communion don't we? I think that's why people get upset when we sit in the back so they can't watch us. I believe that there can be a fine line between leading and showing off. participating and spectating. I can't say I'm advocating a pastor giving a sermon standing backwards because his roll is to instruct and the congregation is the recipient of that, but I can say there are times our congregation needs to see us joining in with them to praise God. I'd be interesting in hearing of unique things that happen in your church, send me a comment when you get a chance.
See you in the pews