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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Devotionals aren't created equal.

I must admit that I don't typically use a devotional. I have tried and have just never really felt it effective. I must also admit I have never read Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick published by Multnomah publishers, or any of Stevens writings for that matter.
That being said I was somewhat skeptical with that mix trying another devotional. I received a complementary copy for my review from blogging for books.
My first impression was the quality of this hardbound book with a colorful cover. I remind you that at this point I was still skeptical. Upon opening and over viewing it quickly caught my eye that each day of the 40 days had a theme but more importantly a scripture. Not just some afterthought but at the top of the page for each day is the scripture. as I began to read the first days devotions, I was pleasantly surprised, in fact I really appreciated the personal testimony of how each days vision touched  Stevens life. Steven gives a short teaching and application and at the end of each page a prayer focus. If you are ready for a 40 day challenge and willing to give it the attention you would your TV show or favorite coffee delight, you will be a different person at the end. As is true with any book if you commit to going through this and personalize it this devotional is worth its weight. Besides it is only 40 days and takes less than 10 minutes, no one should be so busy they can't spend 10 minutes on personal growth, especially closer to the lord.
see you at the shelf
By the way if you'd like to read a chapter just click.