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Saturday, January 4, 2014

First,, you should honor thy God!

The forecast is for difficult days, difficult finances and difficult weather. Thankfully they leave us a little optimism by not forecasting impossible days, finances and weather. As if things aren't hectic enough we have a zillion, self professing experts giving you advice on everything from shoe laces to rocket ships.
Thankfully, I don't get my encouragement from things that are temporal and shallow. I don't need to let my anxiety build to the point I feel like I will explode, and go running to the latest news stories to see how I should prepare.
While the government forces industries to shut down, such as lead bullets, light bulb factories, etc., while they buy shipment after shipment of bullets including hollow points, while they force you to become reliant on their health care, while they push their agenda and take your freedoms away, I don't have to be anxious, worried, or scared.
My God is bigger than all these things, and although I might get a bit irritated, I call it righteous anger, my wife disagrees, I not only have the satisfaction of serving Him I have the confidence that in the end all things will be sorted out and those who are working their wickedness are of this world and will inherit an eternity of torment. Putting it that way I feel almost guilty that for the small time of suffering they cause us they will have forever to have their suffering. I said almost!
In all seriousness, when I keep my eyes on Jesus my days are encouraging, rewarding and I look forward to each morning. Not so long ago I began to lose track of that and became discouraged and depressed with the way everything seemed to be going.  I lost my focus and hated it.
If you know Jesus you know peace, if you have no Jesus, you have no peace, its as simple as that.
My encouragement this year to you and yours is to not be disheartened or distracted. God hasn't abandoned you, or left you to wallow in your self pity, but He uses these times to bring clarity to your life. He will work these things out and give you purpose and passion if you let Him. This year start off right and seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all His treasures shall be yours. Happy New Year and may this be the year of our Lord Jesus.
See ya in the clouds