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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Creation vs Evolution

Well its been set for the big show down. In one corner, you have apologist author and Christian good guy, Ken Ham, in the other corner, science funny man, Bill Nye the science guy.
I remember watching Bill as my kids grew as well as Beakmans world. Bill Nye did do a good job at getting kids excited to learn about science. The problem..... not being politically correct...... I don't want some guy who doesn't adhere to the laws of science and discovery to be teaching my kid or any other kid in America. Science is supposed to be the observation, study and fact finding for the sake of learning truth. It gripes me when you present logical evidence and someone can completely disregard it. I'm not even a scientist and I get the flaws with carbon dating. Why don't the real facts get discusses such as lack of fossil record, lack of "stages of evolution, and how in the world does a chipmunk become a giraffe? Oh that's right it evolves over millions of years, after all we couldn't possibly live on a planet that is only 1000's of years old. I mean, really maybe these crazy folks who call them selves scientists should go to ivy league schools like the liberal, atheistic scientist's do? Oh wait, they do. What a surprise that when everything is laid out on the table, the evidence is obvious and the crazy science begins. I suppose its a bit like the journalists that used to report the NEWS, and not make up their own stuff to sway their readers. I think of the people I know who bash Rush Limbaugh and the like but get offended if you talk poorly of any liberal off CNN. Lets look at the facts and face up to them.
In reality I just want to say that the stakes are very high here. Ken Ham has the knowledge, skills and expertise to wipe the floor with Bill but Ken will be gracious and try to reason with Bill. We all know that the liberal paper will report otherwise but I pray that Bill sees the reasoning in what Ken will say. Bill would have the opportunity to make a significant impact if he would just admit the truth and not become defensive and argumentative. Remember when science used to be discussion? That is what I pray for. Won't you join me in praying for this encounter? Mark your calendars and pray daily but especially on the 4th of Feb at 7 pm. which is when the encounter will take place.
As one final note, I find it disturbing that if you Google the event you will find Bill Nye's name repeatedly but very seldom find Ken Hams. Another observation is the degrading comments made by self professing atheists regarding Ken Ham. My friend your obviously lower on the evolutionary progression than most to call names, slander and to claim we should spend the money wasted on these debates on nature. ........Who do you think is responsible for nature you moron? Creation demands a creator, the same as your mouth demands consequences.
Anxiously awaiting the debate and opportunity.