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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Real men don't text

Tyndale house publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of the book "Real men don't text a new approach to dating", by Ruthie and Michael Dean for my review.
As a pastor I am always looking for great resources to add to my recommendations list for people looking for additional helps in their lives.
I have read what feels like a zillion dating books and have become somewhat critical of most of them. Real men don't text has a refreshingly strong core idea. The dating scene has become tech saturated leading to a new realm of issues. Though I am strongly on board with the ideas of this book I was disappointed with the delivery. Let me explain. As the authors attempt to strengthen the case for personal interaction complete with personal examples and sample texts it seems as though it becomes a journal of their personal experiences. That is good to draw from but I personally would have enjoyed a bit more scripture as well as more focus on the point than on their dating history.
The other thing I struggled with is the stereotypical all guys are pigs mentality. The real issue is where individuals are going to meet people. Believe it or not bars and parties aren't the best place to meet someone who is looking to get serious. Being equally yoked and setting standards and guidelines are mentioned in several spots and I couldn't agree more. I would probably would share a copy of this but it wouldn't be my first choice. My area of influence is likely different than the authors target audience.  Till next time