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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Where are the men?

Sorry if your search led you to this blog hoping to find a listing of eligible bachelors, but the question is legit. Not so many years ago if there was a disagreement on the playground or struggle for a cute girls attention, a macho show down or even a punch to the gut was exchanged but at least they worked it out like men. I am fairly confident that our senate, house and white house are sorely lacking these basic genes to stand firm for something they believe in.

Let me back up and say we just got our health insurance projection thanks to Obama care, and it went up over 300%. I guess this is affiliated to the Obama-nation that we now seem to live in. What happened to a president who listened to the people? What happened to a congress that would debate the issue and not put writers on a bill that had nothing to do with the bill so they could get it through. Plain and simply integrity in the United States leadership is almost absent. What kind of country would permit a president to spend excessive dollars to block off the federal parks to "make them feel it" until they pass his excessive spending limit. Mr. Obama is this how you run your household, spending more than you bring in? Of course, not you charge it to the American tax payers.

What an outrage and disgrace to have a , cough cough, president, cough cough, that ignores the veterans that have served this country and protected our freedoms, the ones we used to have, and then show the support to the illegal immigrants. How do I know their illegal? Because they are here, and not in the country they are supposed to be in. I have no issues with immigrants, in fact this country is known as the smelting pot of nations, which leads to great diversity, but do it legally.

I know how the prophets felt as they wept over Israel and Judah because of the complete lack of moral values, integrity and righteousness, all traded in for wickedness and self gain.

Here's my offer if the white house would like a copy of George Orwell's, Animal Farm, I would be more than pleased to provide a copy or two. A great read with a very revealing story.
Till next time, take a stand!