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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sieze the day!

I guess you could kind of say this week fell apart. I made way to many promises and am still trying to get the work done that I was supposed to have done regardless of any promises. I'm sure you can relate. This time of year we are scrambling to get the kids ready for school, church is usually planning fall events, preparing for the holidays and before you know it, "HAPPY NEW YEAR".
The thought almost makes me shudder to think another year is over half over, or for you optimists, half left.
The irony is how small a device that runs our lives. Its a device that we can't seem to function without and even if we gave it away everyone else is still connected to it. What is it, you ask?
A Clock!! we can't do anything without it reminded us just how out of time we are. Plastic, glass, and metal controlling our lives and most of us live by it. Imagine a Sunday when everyone just took a chance to show up, hoping their would be a service if enough people showed up together.
Here's the clincher, Jesus isn't going to ask you if you were late to work, but He will ask you how you spent the time He gave you. How is it you will respond?

something to think about this week.
Till next time