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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

name that sermon

Ok, so this may not be the best blog you've ever read but I was really hoping for you all to share some of the funniest sermon titles or experiences you have ever experienced in you days of church going. you see websites with funny bulletin inserts but rarely do you hear about personal experiences or even a pastors well-intentioned flub. Kind of like Ken Davis telling of a time he had a guy fall out of his chair into the aisle, everyone thought this guy was laughing so hard he lost his bearings. Nope, come to find out the guy was dying. They used the life paddles on him and took him out by stretcher. Ken says that was very difficult to recover from, people just don't think things are as funny after witnessing this type of thing. Or how about the pastor entitling his sermon flatulence or flowers, what are people saying about you?
If you have a funny story of a happening or sermon title or any other goofy church thing shoot me an email and share. I enjoy a laugh in the middle of the day. I will compile these and post them at a later date.

We will soon be posting book reviews and trends so keep your eyes open.

I would also invite you to ask questions on any questions you might have on family, or scripture type things.