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Monday, August 5, 2013


Fraz-matic, is the point at which you become so frazzled that it becomes an automatic response of your body. Kind of like the fight or flight when someone comes around the corner and yells, boooo at you. Its pretty difficult to diagnose at first until you have been properly educated.
You will first want begin noticing frazmantic behavior by small bursts of intermittent energy followed by numbness. The little jolts feel like a small electrical current running through your body, at more serious levels you may even experience heart palpitations. Not to worry this is just the last nerve shutting down. You may also notice rolling eyes, and weight gain.
Although physicians across the world have been treating the causes, they have not found a cure. They will tell you rest and relaxation will help the cause, but all it really does is prolong the inevitable, the death of the nerve. They say exercise, fresh fruit and plenty of soup will help, and it does, but it is still only treating the symptoms. Sadly the frustrations of everyday life, dealing with children, coworkers, and spouses, tends to hasten the demise of the nerve. No cure, indeed.....until now.
Recent research has indicated that a manual has been created and available at no cost to deal with this and all other illnesses, including sarcasmania. (The excessive use of sarcasm). It is an ancient writing that has proven effective millions of times. The Bible, as it is referred to has advice for curing Fraz-matics. For instance 1st Peter 5:7, tells us to cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you. Its true, Jesus has been recorded repeatedly curing people and fixing things including what ails you. In fact I have personal experience in that He dealt with my sin that was keeping me from my Father. He restored me and treated me like a king, restoring all benefits of being the son, and all I had to do is confess my sin and place my trust in Him. He can do what He says if you only believe. He's not like the frauds you hear about such as Muhammad, and Joseph Smith to mention a couple. Give it a try and I promise you won't be disappointed.
Till next time.

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