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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hello again, Mr. Common Sense.

I entitled this edition, "hello again" for a couple of reasons. First, I have been gone speaking all week and arrived back realizing its way past due for our update. Secondly, I would like to welcome common sense back into the studio. most of us know him but few acknowledge him. He is one of those elusive individuals that does a fairly good job of hiding out. At one point he has been quoted as spending some time with Osama Bin Laden. That was the day Osama realized he was the infidel and must die. You can only hide in holes so long before your figured out. As for me I would have appreciated a rousing game of whack a terrorist mole.

Anyway, how many of us read the recent headlines, watch a video clip or hear the latest in the break room at work and walk away shaking our heads thinking, "I didn't realize that some people simply have lost touch with Mr. common sense. Sure as kids we did stupid things, and some as adults as well, but we knew what we were doing was rebellion or going to get a laugh, but these are the people you see in horror movies. They aren't as easily spotted because they don't walk with their arms out such as you see in the movies but they usually are mumbling and drooling. Back in the good old days before we had a law for everything including throwing a snowball in July, no kidding there really is a law preventing this in the town I grew up in, the population was self leveling. I know that's not politically correct but the survival of the fittest did seem to be working. Now we make laws to protect them or make a movie out of it such as "jack ---" or "nitro circus", not to mention a ton of websites that make morons famous, you may have heard of it, "YouTube"

Those were the good old days when those without common sense paid the price. They reaped the consequences of their decisions and that was that. Not anymore, no sir e. Now we find someone to blame because they should have stopped us or had warnings that my coffee might be hot. Thankfully those lacking common sense don't have to be accountable, once they have selected someone to blame they then must watch daytime TV and select an attorney that will sue them for you no strings attached.

Thankfully I know many who have had enough, finally, and are taking a stance of no more. I am one of them. It is time to say no more stupidity and no more passing the buck and it starts by removing the corruption from the top down. Good bye Mr. Barak Hussein Obama, Good bye Joe Biden, Good bye Nancy Pelosi and on and on we go. Remember back when public servants represented you in the government and you trusted them? Yeah me neither but I'm pretty sure there was a day like that. A day when we used common sense so when the media and those feeding the stories to the media didn't make sense we would visit with Mr. common sense and come to the conclusion that someone must be trying to pull a fast one and we called them to the plate for it. That was when Mr. Integrity was in town but that's another story.
All that to say, common sense is back and is moving through the country, lets help him out. save a country, get involved, and reclaim our land. Time for the freeloaders to get lost!!
Till the next time, use sense, common sense.