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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Building or tearing down?

So I was listening to a podcast today and heard a fascinating statement. "You are either a stepping stone or a stumbling block." The more I think about it the more I believe it. We live in a culture that is so involved in the blame game that it would be next to impossible to conceive little ole me would ever have to claim my shame.
You see it in politics, marriages, schools, but nothing displays it more blatantly than watching preschoolers. You know the scene, little Johnny has the blue building block and now little Sammy sets his little eyes on it and within seconds something within Sammy tells him to go get it. He should have it and deserves it. Don't let anyone stand in your way. So Sammy is obedient to that little voice and walks over to Johnny and takes it. Johnny cries and draws the attention of the blonde headed, bubble gum chewing supervisor. She is like super nanny and chuck Norris combined. She goes to little Johnny gets the low down on what's going on and offers him a green block. All is good again.
......oh bologna, you don't believe that anymore than I do. What kung Fu nanny just taught the kids is profound. Johnny, if you lose something someone will come along and replace it for you. The louder you cry the harder they will work for you until they are enslaved to you. What's yours is only yours while you have it and you dare not hit anyone if they take it. Sammy learned that he can take what he wants and have no consequences other than the inconvenience of going over to get a green block now. The unintended message of the preschool helper was that these behaviors are OK. In reality it would be prudent to take the block from Sammy give it back to Johnny, helping him to say the correct way to handle things, and show Sammy their are consequences to your actions.
Imagine if those in powerful places would have had their hands slapped and things taken away when they behaved so rashly and wrong.
Correctly handled, I would fully expect little Johnny to walk up to Sammy and play together or offer him the toy.
And theirs another toddler tidbit you can take to the bank.
Till next time, no temper tantrums.