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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The future isn't so bright?!

So that's a great attention getter of a title for this blog post. Sounds encouraging but look again at the punctuation. Both a statement and a question. So which is it? Is the future bright or are the lights going off for you?
For those who follow politics and current news reels you probably live day by day in despair and frustration. I mean, really, who can read the news and be like, "these are the best times ever"? That is unless you enjoy seeing the world as we know it being destroyed by self glorifying, power hungry, con artists. Of course there are some good people who do stupid things, so to clarify I am speaking of those who habitually ride the propaganda wagon, spending their nights dreaming of new laws and lies to make man-kind more "responsible".
Now the other folks who see the future as being brighter than ever, are those who look past the here and now to a day yet to come. It will begin with a great court scene taking place in the heavens, where all who live, have lived and some that are yet to be born will stand before a righteous judge. For most of us that is a foreign concept to think of a righteous judge, almost an oxy moron like, decaf-coffee, or little white lie. The truth is that in a day yet to come each of these people will be present as every person will be looked at as to how they spent their lives. But some of us, I'm proud to be included, will bypass this judgment of works and our attorney or advocate will step in. I have Him on retainer for future legal purposes, His name is Jesus Christ.
I know the Romans and the Jews thought they killed Him, but in actuality they were the catalyst to fulfill many scriptures that prophesied His coming and ruling. Because of this I need not get distracted by the worlds little men and women who will also be at the court hearing, but unless they recognize the peril of their condition they will be sentenced to life without parole. They will be sent to the worst prison ever. A prison where loneliness, gnashing of teeth, pain and suffering are common place. In a sad bit of irony they will get the results they had been feverishly pursuing on earth, only it will be for them and not those who they think they control.
I am not ashamed of the Gospel I proclaim and if you aren't either, shoot me a comment about the hope you have for a bright future.
Till the end