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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter sacrifice

Ok, I admit it. When our kids were young we kept them guessing about the Easter bunny. One year when our middle daughter was about to discover the truth, our oldest just couldn't figure it out, I tossed a row of raisins on the ground and put fuzzys by their bed. You should have heard the excitement when they woke up the next morning. Of course most of the excitement was because our cocker spaniel was eating the supposed bunny pooh. The kids new this was wrong and were disgusted and at the same time thrilled that the Easter bunny did indeed come to our place.

Now, as an adult, it really bothers me that our holiday characters are allowed into our homes, unquestioned and are expected to slip into our bedrooms to visit us sleeping. Think about it! The Easter bunny hides stuff all over the house and sometimes right in our hands, or what about the tooth fairy who comes into little Billy's, or Sally's room to look under their pillow. Who does this type of thing?

What if i told you the neighbor who just got out of prison on a technicality wanted to come over and visit your child's room while their sleeping. "Oh sure, Bill. We'll leave the door unlocked, and could you come over after midnight please".

I'm guessing by now you've got my point but here it is. We expect our kids to trust us and believe what we say, but our track record is less than perfect. Teachers, coaches, policemen, pastors and judges are trustworthy and should be trusted but have you ever stopped to think that these people have kids also? The message is loud and clear to our kids, "I cant be trusted".

Sure your wanting to argue with me but do our kids always distinguish the difference? I thought what i was doing was fun and the kids enjoyed it, when in reality it sent the message, I can be trusted most of the time.

I am so thankful that Jesus doesn't do this to us. As a Christian it is even more paramount to make sure our kids can trust us. Our kids think in terms of Easter bunny, Santa Claus and Jesus. To them, unless you make the distinction, these are all characters that exist and are literally mystical creatures.
Don't do that to Jesus! Make sure your kids understand what Easter is about and why we celebrate this time. I understand it isn't like we did this on purpose but that doesn't negate what is being believed, and by the way that is at the center of why our kids believe the teachers more than their parents and pastors.

Give Easter back to Jesus this Sunday and praise His holy name. After all He knows you by name and how many hairs are on your head. (I'm making it easier by maintaining less hair these days. anything to help.)
Blessings my friends
Pastor Mark