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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What would you give up for someone?

As we prepare our hearts for communion as many of us will be observing the first week in March, it is important to reflect not only on the actual death and resurrection, but the COST. It is said that the cost of discipleship is staggering, but of course this isn't usually referring to the financial investment into a student, so to speak, but rather the emotion, and effort, and heartache that accompany the discipleship process. No matter the difficulty of what youve experienced it paled in comparrison to Jesus. He poured into His disciples as much truth and teaching as He could get into a 24 hour period of time and all the while knowing that the Father would turn His back. God the Father, forsook God the Son, and this was almost unbearable for Jesus as we read in the gospels. Jesus was giving it all up and knew that He would be beaten and bruised, crucified and placed in a tomb. It was the darkest of times the world has ever known and yet one of the most celebrated in History. By celebrated, I mean remembered and reflecting as we are instructed to until the Lord returns. God loved you enough to give you His Son!, If someone loves you that much how can you question if they will give you anything else. Still not sure? Can I have your child? even if you know it is for destruction?
If you loved me that much to give me your own child then I doubt you would withhold thier toys, should I ask for them. At what cost are you willing to make the Son of God know.