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Thursday, February 23, 2012

My "Achan" breakin heart.

What a great time I have had pouring through these pages in Joshua, both personally and teaching it. As we wind down on the capture and destruction of Jericho we see a reminder of just how easy it is for us to do things on our own effort. As I see it we have three options as we proceed through life. 1 is to make a plan and hope for the best, 2 is to make plans to the best of our ability and ask God to bless our plans, and 3 is to seek God and then do what He tells us to. In chapter 7 it is revealed that Joshua sends a group of 3000 men to Ai, a small town of probably around 12,000 total population, and end up with 36 dead soldiers and a hasty retreat. The result of not seeking God but doing his own thing. Had Joshua sought God before going out to battle, he would have known that God had not given over the city of Ai because of dishonest and corrupt behavior on the part of Achan. Two quick points here. Never underestimate that your sin effects others and will have consequences. secondly whenever your faced with trusting God or man, in this case two spies, pick God. Seriously why would it even be a matter of choice when there is only one choice.
No "Joshin", you need to choose wisely whom you will follow. The final point I want to shine on is how quickly God forgives and blesses when WE have the proper attitude and deal with it instead of hiding it.
What is it you need to make right with God this week?
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