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Friday, March 9, 2012


When it comes to deceit and lies we've all been both the recipient and the giver. In Joshua chapter 9 the Gibeonites weave an elaborate string of lies to save their own lives. Some argue that this is not sinful because they are showing their submission to God's chosen. If that logic applies than think of the free reign that we would be given to lie and decieve one another, all for the purpose of good. One cannot read throught the pages of Joshua without seeing instances of deciet that seem to be rewarded. Note the word seem in that last sentance. But what is really cool about chapter 9 is the way Israels leaders, including Joshua, respond when they find out the Gibeonites lied to them. They didn't try to back out or make excuses they simply held to thier covenant to not kill them. They were made slaves to Israel and became "hewers of wood and drawers of water". Let me ask you today what it is that you need to keep your word on even though the you agreed by terms that were false or inaccurate? Do the hard thing and honor your word today and God will be pleased and honored. Till next time, keep it in the WORD.