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Monday, December 5, 2011

Lots of Changes.

What a whirlwind of events. We are making progress on updating our blog and are so excited about some of the things coming. For instance we started our own channel on YouTube with our 4E Media face. I'll announce more on this later:-) I have been debating areas of study to begin and will announce that soon as well. As I have been preparing for Christmas it seems almost bitter sweet. It seems as though I read in scripture of the many prophecies and then in the New Testament read about the arrival of the Saviour only to look at the news and observe the greed and materialistic mobs on good Friday. Yes I must admit, I was in line at Wal-Mart waiting for an x-box 360 that Mason had been saving for.This was my first "black Friday" experience and am still somewhat confused that it was at 10pm on Thursday that we were there. Consider it a sudo-experience. Anyway as I am seeing people pushing and shoving and jockeying for the best position you could not spot any Christians, from my angle at least. "How do I know" you might be wandering. You see I have a theory that Christians reflect Christ, although that almost sounds to cliche, I really believe it. Christians have a priority of seeking God and honoring Him with their lives. Though we mess up it is noticeable in a mob setting like this, or at least should be. The reality is statistically speaking most of the crowd would profess to be Christian and yet live like the world. I found it amazing that a young lady by herself in front of us and a middle aged man also in front of us, stood in line by themselves engrossed with their techie phones. All it took is for me to ask where they were from to begin an hour of conversation that not only revealed that these two had lived just miles from each other in a southern state, but they both had common acquaintances. As we neared the pallet that brought us together it was easy to see that the Lord had intended for our paths to cross. Upon leaving the gentleman said that after one and a half years here this is the first conversation they have had of any value of getting to know someone. The young lady quickly agreed and commented that once people found out they weren't from this area they were treated extremely rude. We parted ways with a thankfulness and allegiance that local or not people want to be accepted and belong. This Christmas use every opportunity you can to show who you are in Christ and share it, without hesitation, boldly, that you might be used to change a life. Talk to you soon! I'm going to play x-box.