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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Leading part 12

Just a reminder that although I will be leaving my position, my blog site will remain the same. Hope you'll continue to join me as we move on to new subjects, forums and expand the site to include helps, hints and videos on everything from scripture, to crafts, music, and beyond. We hope to launch some of these new elements prior to Christmas but just know its coming. We will continue to have our scripture studies, words of wisdom, as well as adding a daily encouragement or challenge. Great stuff and all on the same site. see ya soon.
Now to finish our our current study on the expectations scripture has for our leaders in the churches.
Paul, now focuses on some areas of significant importance. First he mandates that an overseer must manage his household well. This is not a mandate that a man has wife and kids but more the idea that a man that is married and has kids will manage his home well. This could look many different ways and can be touchy at times but the bottom line is are the kids party animals, wild, wife that spends money at every opportunity, etc. Paul goes on to say that an overseer should not be a new convert, pride and conceit is of the most importance in this area, making sure that he does not fall into the same trap Satan did. Power, even in a church, is an addictive and dangerous drug that must be dealt with head on. The final aspect that Paul brings to light here is the element of a mans reputation in public. As you can see his personal life is of significance but so is his public life. What kind of reputation does this man have and how did he get it. Imagine someone coming into a church and seeing a conniving, cheat that deals viciously with others from the public as a leader. What do you suppose happens to the testimony of Christ at this point? We want to carefully select our leaders to resemble Christ in all aspects and live for the Lord at home and in public. All these qualifications may really be summarized in two questions. Has,will, or is this man doing anything that may bring shame on the Lord or on His bride? Has this man placed his faith in Christ alone and walk by faith with grace and truth?
Once you get the answer to these two questions you will be well on your way to deciding if this person is qualified to lead a church.
One last note on this topic before we head to new ground. As a member of the body, rather nose, foot, or other part, you have a responsibility to inspect and discern a candidate for leaderships readiness and qualifications to serve. I have been in far to many "yes" churches that have rubber stamps and approve whatever comes there way. (I used to coach churches and saw this pattern continually). Do not make the mistake to make it someone else's problem or decision. You are accountable as a member of a local body. By the way this is also why membership is so important. Till next time, play it by the Book.