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Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry CHRISTmas!! I think it is amazing how quickly this year has gone and as I look back I see a year that was full of Christian challenges. With every day the freedoms we have as followers of the God man are challenged on multiple fronts. As we pray for our leaders to walk with the Lord, I would challenge each of us to get active and quite settling for second best. Commercials ravage our screens with a catholic priest bringing donuts to a Jewish rabbi and a Muslim. The theme, "we have more in common than we realize". I agree!! They are all lost and have missed the boat on salvation. Its time to quite being "politically correct" and stand up for the principals that scripture teaches us that we as "a new creature" should be practicing. Partner with like minded people regardless of their man made denominations, leave the politics behind and serve the King of Kings. No new years resolution, lets just do it. We should filter those who claim to be "one of us", and as scripture teaches, test the spirits. If they claim to be Christian, ask them when they surrendered to Christ and confessed their sins. Inquire when it was that they realized they were hopeless and helpless and could do nothing on their own to change this situation. Discern if they are a slave of the Most High and if not share the gospel with them.
Let me pause here and ask you a life changing question; How many people did you share the gospel with over this last year? I don't say that to condemn you but to open our eyes to the realty that we are more focused on switching fish from one tank to the other. Most church growth is from people switching churches or moving and not from new converts. Why is that?
No more excuses!! This is the year to really serve the Lord with all your heart. After all if your not serving the Lord, your serving the enemy if nothing else by neglect. I would suggest confessing and asking for forgiveness for not putting His Will before ours and then seek the Lords guidance as to "how to be more effective".
Don't let another year go by without using the days wisely, the enemy most certainly is taking advantage of the time that is left and understands the prize. He doesn't want you to ever receive that prize.
May God be with us as we seek to build the kingdom through His Spirit and win souls for Christ.
"The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he who is wise wins souls", Proverbs 11:30
In it with you,