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Monday, October 17, 2011

Leading Part 11

As we draw to a close our study here Paul begins to list some things that an elder should be. He should be gentle, peaceable, free from the love of money, (see 1st Timothy 6:10 for more detail). Of course we understand what gentle is and peaceable here is someone who isn;t prone t brawling, but the term "free from the love of money", is actually one Greek word that means without covetousness. You know the type its referring to. The man who has all the play things that are "necessary" for his job. He has to have the latest and greatest to stay up on his game and not be out done. He is envious of anyone who possess a gadget with newer features or who has bragging rights as to how much they have spent. These are the type of men that should not be governing a church. It is always important that a man be gentle and have no addictions to serve as an overseer to a flock.
Paul now continues on in his instruction to address the overseer in regards to relationships. We'll check this out next time.
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