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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

I Don't Get You

Well I just got done reviewing a great resource by author Sherry Graf. She wrote a book entitled "I don't get you, a guide to healthy conversations. I know you might be thinking "oh great another book on communication", but I assure you this is anything but typical or common place. I will admit I was a bit skeptical as well until I read the first part of this little booklet. I was instantly hooked on the originality of its content. There are so many books on sexual purity but I have been looking for a book on emotional purity that would help singles as well as couples. I deal with marriage issues all the time and believe it or not they are not always at my own home, ha ha. Seriously though as a pastor I am often contacted with couples who have been facing purity issues in their marriage. Everything from infidelity, pornography and almost always some element of emotional purity. I believe this little book does a great job of driving the point that emotional purity is where it starts. Sherry brings up examples and illustrations including her own experiences of connecting emotionally with people to soon or going deeper than they should if they intend to remain friends. This book primarily is designed, in my opinion, for singles and couples, but does have specific references for speaking to our everyday friends of the same sex as well. Sherry does include some resources for those struggling in homosexuality and dealing with that specifically. These books come as singles or 10 packs and are great resources for small group studies, one on one mentoring and include thought and discussion questions to help work through the implication and application of knowing where to set boundaries. Rather you seek to deal with the opposite sex in an emotionally pure way or trying to grow your marriage this is the tool for your relationship and communication toolbox. Although I received my complimentary copy from my friends at Tyndale House Publishers for review, I have already gone on line to order several copies to hand out and use in ministry and I would encourage you to get yours as well.
Till next time.