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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Pastor in Pink?!

I just got back from one of the most touching funerals I think I have ever been to. A young mother who leaves behind a husband and 2 children who had been battling cancer for years. Though I only met her a few times most of what I knew of her was in the form of shared prayer concerns, interaction with family and testimonies. One of her last comments to her husband as she lay her head on his lap was, "I finished well".
Those who shared during the funeral confirmed her steadfastness and love for her God and her willingness to minister to others in a time, quite frankly, they should have been ministering to her. Her final 4 or 5 years proved to a multitude of witnesses just how real her faith was and how easily she could encourage and challenge others and always giving credit where it is due, to God almighty. Cancer may have won the battle, but the war will end when God says it will end. In the mean time family and friends are left to deal with this void in their lives where this Godly woman once was and still is. No longer to call and visit, stop by and have coffee or cry on her shoulder, yet she leaves a much stronger legacy to those who knew her than that. She made every moment count and was heard to remind people to live each day as if it were her last, after all she knew hers drew near. As a proactive response she was instrumental in raising cancer awareness and was part of raising over 24,000 dollars for cancer research simply by challenging folks to wear pink. Specifically the idea that "real men wear pink". I believe for many of us we see pink, which triggers a response to associate it with cancer awareness. Thank you to this woman of God who has passed as a great testimony, now in the arms of Jesus and rejoicing with those who were called home before her. It isn't enough to call yourself a Christian, but we need to live it out daily. My condolences to the family and prayers to the husband and kids, and in remembrance I challenge everyone of us to show our support for the fight against this horrific disease that takes our loved ones by wearing pink this Sunday, Valentines day, to our church's, to our family gatherings and everywhere you go. Let it be know we serve a mighty God who will have His victory!! Come Sunday I will be preaching in pink.