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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How God Makes Men, review.

Well-known author Patrick Morley has another book out entitled, "How God Makes Men".
There are 10 principles that are illustrated by 10 men of the Bible that are easily relatable. As you read this book it is as if you are reading about a co-worker, family friend, or someone you know. The principles are given to give men hope and encouragement but I found a couple of them challenging as well. My favorite principle was the principle of a greater good. I found this one extremely relatable and convincing. Joseph was the illustration that was used. Joseph, who was imprisoned on a trumped up attempted rape charge, only after being betrayed by his own brothers, found himself with a lot of time on his hands and yet scripture says that God was with him. Just because we have trials and see the immediate results and trials, God is faithful and has a larger plan in place. Thankfully we get to see the outcome in the life of Joseph who is placed 2nd in command only after pharaoh and is reunited with his father and brothers. Oh yeah, and his faithfulness saved a ton of people from certain starvation. This is one small example of the principles and how they apply to our everyday lives even now. Each chapter ends with discussion questions that can be used personally and for small group study. In the back you will find a discussion leaders guide to help you get started with developing and leading a small group study on these principles. You can take a preview of the book by clicking here  if you would like. I received my copy for free from blogging for books for my review. I'm glad I did.